The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached New Depths

The Novichok attack in Salisbury was a very worrying incident.  For the Progress MPs in Labour the incident has been turned into an opportunity for them to attack Labour.  Progress exists to try to stop Labour leaning leftward and its members would prefer the continuity of a destructive Tory government to a government led by Jeremy Corbyn; they will take any spurious opportunity to criticise him.

This week, the behaviour of the sub-party’s MPs in parliament has been resolutely opposed to that of the Labour leader to such an extent that the prime minister and Tory MPs have been queuing up to heap praise on their Progress colleagues.  This spectacle, though not surprising, has been vomit-inducing to see and hear. 

On Wednesday Progress MPs John Woodcock, Wes Streeting, Stella Creasy, Stephen Doughty, Ann Coffey and Chukka Umunna sponsored a motion in parliament titled ‘Russia poisoning of Sergie and Yulia Skripal.’  A précis of the motion was: “We support Theresa May’s decisions and actions in response to the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.”  It was a wholly unnecessary motion that had no worth with respect to the issue it raised.  The signatories to the motion could have expressed their support for May’s words and actions without the need to sponsor a motion.  The only reason this motion was tabled was to cast doubt on Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity as the leader of the opposition.  For characters like Wes Streeting, Mike Gapes and Chris Leslie, the attempted murder in Salisbury was just a tool to use in their ongoing battle against Corbyn’s politics.  This was a gross example of political opportunism and reveals how rancid Progress is.  It was a stunt, in poor taste.  

Clearly, whenever there is conflict with another country, the criticism of the government should be at its most stringent and thorough.  But, the Tories are demanding the opposite: The Tories want blind obedience and cheer-leading, and that is what the Progress mob are happy to supply, just so they can use another blunt tool with which to try to bash Corbyn.

Gapes and Streeting

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The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached New Depths

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