Eton College

Hello-hurrah, what a nice day, for the Eton rifles
Hello-hurrah, I hope rain stops play, with the Eton rifles
‘Eton Rifles’ – Paul Weller

The rancidness of excrement can be determined by the noxiousness of its odor.  There may be a few nutrients within the body of the turd but the violence of its stench overwhelms any of its beneficial facets.

Eton College alumni
Eton College might congratulate itself on producing actors Dominic West, Damien Lewis and Tom Hiddlestone, all of whom are feted in Hollywood because they have the right accent, but they are just a trio of posh boys whose acting careers have so much privilege attached that it is impossible to judge how capable they are as actors.  However, the real filth from Eton flows into politics.

David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg laughing at the destruction they’ve caused

David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg enjoy many similar personality characteristics including unrestricted venality, an ingrained, relentless determination to be dishonest and deceptive, extremely anti-social attitudes to humanity, complete detachment from reality, unfettered shamelessness, rudeness, petulance, smugness and witlessness.  Consequently, they are indifferent to legal and moral frameworks.  They are separate from society.  They perceive the public as vassals to be exploited and fleeced.  Their profession is to do everything they can, regardless of effect, to support wealth terrorists.  Their heroes are the slave-owners of the 18th century and all the conmen and confidence tricksters who have ever lived.

All these personality characteristics are necessities for Tories.  They define what it is to be a Tory.  But, such characteristics are not natural for human beings.  These negative personality characteristics need to be induced.  Eton College, and other top private schools, exist to ensure that there is a steady malodorous stream of anti-society soulless frauds who can combine continuous dishonesty with obedience to the dominance of financial gangsters.

Eton might erroneously make claims of a high standard of education, particularly given its astronomical fees, but a quick perusal of its alumni from recent decades (that is, those born 1960s to 1990s) reveals one professor of mathematics and two music composers.  The only barrister is David Cameron’s brother.  There are no scientists and no poets.  However, there are many actors, many Tory MPs and people whose description relates to inherited unearned titles rather than any accomplishment.  As a school, it has failed to produce a reasonable quantity of pupils who have become valued members of society.  Any state school, in a few decades, would produce a few scientists, architects, engineers, soldiers, etc. whose achievements would be worthy of note.  Eton is so short of respectable alumni that it had to include a reality TV star and also someone who is famous for being the son of a royal, before she became a royal.

Eton’s Spencer Matthews, at work

Eton money
The fees to attend Eton are huge.  The only groups of people who can afford the fees are those with millions of unearned inherited wealth, very successful business people and criminals.  Often, the parents of the children have a toe in each of those groups.  For example, David Cameron’s father Ian had substantial inherited wealth from a long line of financial gangsters and he was a keen tax avoider; an ancestor of Cameron is a daughter of a former monarch of Britain.  David Cameron’s background typifies the upbringing and family of an Eton College pupil.  

Given the school’s poor record of useful and worthy alumni, it might be surprising to observe the willingness of parents to part with a lot of money for an Eton College education.  However, their eagerness has little or no connection to a desire for their children to enjoy the highest quality education.  The financial elite recognises Eton as an important machine in the production of protectors of their ill-gotten wealth.  The flow of immune and anti-human gimps out of Eton’s rectum is vital to the maintenance of the wealth terrorists’ control of the distribution and storage of money.  The Camerons provide another clear example: The desire to continue centuries of the Cameron family’s embedment in wealth exploitation is the reason Ian Cameron sent his sons to Eton.  One son became prime minister and another a barrister; thus, both are able to assist in the continuity of financial gangsterism.  It is Eton College’s abilities to instill obedience to the financial elite and to eradicate any tendency toward honesty, integrity or humanity, that are the key selling points to a potential purchaser of an education for their child.


Eton College is classified as a charity and, thus, avoids some tax on profits.  Donations to Eton, from alumni or otherwise, are tax-deductible for the benefactor.  The fees for education are also tax-deductible.  If anyone with a lot of cash hanging around wanted to place that cash out of the tax inspector’s eyes then a nice donation to Eton or fees for the education of their child (or a sponsored child) would achieve that aim while helping to produce another well-trained cog or PR guy in the world of wealth terrorism.  

Eton mess
All the personality characteristics described above for Cameron, Rees-Mogg and Johnson are taught aggressively at Eton.  The creation of heartless goons, subservient to the demands of international financial crime, is the purpose of Eton College.  The thieves, con artists and liars who control the flow and storage of money know that Eton is a means to maintain the supply of professional charlatans for the Tory party, the judiciary and the business of finance.  That is what Eton is good at.  Conversely, as a school, it is ordinary and unremarkable; its status as a school is just a convenience. 

Postscript: A recent success of Eton College is Cambridge Analytica chief executive officer and Strategic Communications Laboratories Group director Alexander Nix.

Alexander Nix

Nix’s attitudes to the public and to democracy are products of his education at Eton.

Postscript 2 (added in October 2018): Etonian Malcolm Pearson, a peer and a member of UKIP, invited extreme-right racist thug and professional criminal – assault, mortgage fraud, false passport, contempt of court – Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to the House of Lords for a photo opportunity.  Etonians have often been keen helpers for the extreme-right.

Eton College

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