Far-right trolls always play the victim: e.g. Toby Young

Screaming head and free school enthusiast Toby Young, famed for his eugenics – Young the eugenist, for his anti-disabled proposals – Young versus wheelchairs, for his snobbery – Young the snob, and for his lies – for example, Young lies about welfare payments, has lost three professional posts recently following protests against his presence in educational roles.  In January, he was unappointed from a fake position at the anti-student, anti-education, pro-far-right platformists Office For Students and last week he walked away/was pushed out the door from his money-for-nothing role at ‘charity’ New Schools Network.  (Young had also resigned as a director of the Fulbright Commission that oversees student scholarships between British and US universities.) 

Good riddance to an unpleasant, extremely dishonest, dimwitted scammer, perhaps, although both the Office For Students and the New Schools Network exist to promote exactly the rancid politics that Young favours and they will continue to do so without him. 


Young has no intelligence, no skills, no talent and no wit and is of no worth whatsoever to society.  He is a typical far-right lackey who seeks unearned income for promoting a bigoted, divisive and dishonest political perspective.  His entire professional life is a consequence of connections and inherited privilege and is littered with failure after failure.  He is first and foremost a self-publicist but he is aided by a prevailing political environment that favours gobshites over people with ability.  Young is the antithesis of usefulness.

Like all far-right rabble-rousers, Young is a snivelling little coward.  As a response to his third departure this year from a useless post, Young emulated the examples set by Farage, Robinson, Waters, Golding, Rees-Mogg, Trump, Bannon, etc. and cast himself as a victim.  Poor little Toby Young was under attack from hoards of naughty lefties and do-gooders who had the nerve to remind everyone of his filthy far-right views and acts.  Why can he not be a hardworking bigoted eugenist without some people objecting? 

The Mail On Sunday, the newspaper for which Young has a gormless professional troll column, managed to find a “journalist” – Mark Wood – with sufficient venality to manufacture a vomit-inducing article depicting little Toby victimised and fearful.


The opening finger-down-the-throat comment from Wood referred to the “spectacular destruction of his [Young’s] career by social media.”  It is with unbounded certainty that it can be stated that Young’s career has never been and never will be remotely spectacular; indeed, there is no detectable career that could suffer destruction.  The claim that social media ruined his career is a far-right translation of “my bigoted views had not been erased and I was found out.”

Wood continued with some quotes from Young that echoed the style of comments a celeb’s PR team farts out when their client has been caught indulging in reprehensible activities:

It has been a painful learning experience.  But, I believe that the lessons I have learned are the ones that we can – indeed must – pass onto our children.  The digital world they are growing up in is full of landmines and those of us who have stepped on them have a duty to point them out.”

As the above quote reveals, Young cited the response to offense he caused as the wrongdoer.  His actions, including his vulgar grotesque sexism (in social media posts) and his extreme politics, were the reason there were protests against his appointments in educational roles but Young focussed on the objections and not on his own behaviour. 

His decision to bring his own children into the discussion was a distraction and a tactic to try to make his public image less immature.  Young said that his own children should learn a lesson of not posting too freely on social media; yes, they would not want to be as immature and as stupid as their witless middle-aged father has been.  In a general sense, Young should not be giving any advice to children.  

Wood’s article was accompanied by a photograph (above) of the Young family at breakfast.  It is odd that Toby Young thought it was not problematic to have his children photographed in a national newspaper.  Given Young’s notoriety, is it sensible for him to make his own children identifiable to the public?  Sense is not one of his characteristics.  Young’s children are featured as a simple PR stunt to depict him as a father. 

The photograph was posed; it was not a natural scene.  Young was being rather rude by sitting with his laptop open at the breakfast table.  Something could get spilled on that Toby!  If Young is out of a job then what work was he doing that was so important that it couldn’t wait until after breakfast and when sat at a desk?  He looked perturbed, befuddled and confused.

According to Wood, Young “expressed his fears over the alleged damaging impact that social media and new technology are having on young minds.”  That is, a middle-aged man posted offensive childish tweets and then he warned other people about social media’s problems.  

Toby Young’s invasion into education was allowed because of his willingness to assist the current government’s destruction of state education.  His far-right views made him an ideal candidate for the Office For Students whose main purpose is to remove obstacles to the promotion of extreme right-wing views at universities.  He is a willing tool to be used as a political cog.  He follows all the usual far-right routes including wailing about being a victim.  Nothing about Young is surprising.  Nothing about Young is commendable.

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Far-right trolls always play the victim: e.g. Toby Young

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