Right-wing’s attacks on Corbyn grow ever more pathetic

Yesterday, a few weeks ahead of council elections on May 3rd (2018), a right-wing lobby group, Board of Deputies, organised a protest outside parliament against Jeremy Corbyn.  A few hundred people turned up including rancid bigots from DUP, rabble-rousing racist Norman Tebbit and several Progress MPs.  The organisers had claimed that they were protesting against anti-Semitism in the Labour party; they had stated that they thought that the leader of the party had not tackled anti-Semitism strongly enough.

Corbyn has always been resolutely opposed to anti-Semitism.  He has no questions to answer.  The charge of anti-Semitism against him, or the charge of a lax attitude to it, is entirely false and the Board of Deputies knows that it is false.  The protest was a continuation of a smear campaign by right-wing lobbyists, politicians and journalists who are violently opposed to Labour’s tendency leftward.  The right-wingers will use any slanderous smear tactic against him and his colleagues regardless of how untrue it is.

If anyone finds themselves stood near to a DUP MP or to Norman Tebbit, or if anyone finds their actions being applauded by the Daily Mail (as yesterday’s protest was), then such a person cannot seriously claim they are fighting against any prejudice at all.

Tebbit at anti-Corbyn demo

The protest was a stunt.  It’s objective was to smear the Labour leader in advance of the council elections.  Such smears are not working.

Right-wing’s attacks on Corbyn grow ever more pathetic

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