The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached Newer Depths

Two weeks ago the Progress mob partook in a coordinated campaign against Jeremy Corbyn because he refused to agree without conditions with what the Tory prime minister had said about the Novichok attack in Salisbury.  This campaign included a pointless motion submitted to parliament that was designed to isolate Corbyn while kowtowing to May.  

This week the Progress mob revisited their participation in the smear campaign directed at Corbyn of claims of anti-Semitism.  Organised by right-wing Board of Deputies a demonstration took place near parliament with the aim of mass-slandering Corbyn and his colleagues.  There, the Progress MPs were happy to stand alongside Tory politicians, including the father of modern British racist rabble-rousing Norman Tebbit, and DUP MPs including racist homophobic sectarian bigot Sammy Wilson.  Chuka Umunna was photographed stood next to Tory MP Sajid Javid who, two days later in parliament, described Momentum as “neo-fascist.”

Progress MPs Wes Streeting and John Mann “wrote a letter” to Jeremy Corbyn after the demonstration.  In it they complained about “front bench spokespeople sharing social media video clips suggesting that concerns about antisemitism amount to a smear campaign.”  Such a complaint is an attempt to stifle criticism and is intrinsically dishonest in intent.  They asked that Corbyn should “make it clear that those who sought to disrupt and oppose the mainstream Jewish community rally do not speak for you, that their protest was not in your name.”  No-one tried to disrupt the demonstration.  An additional demo was also against anti-Semitism but supportive of Corbyn.  Mann and Streeting have libelled the organisers and the attendees of the second demo.

John Mann debates

Progress was created to try to ensure that Labour never shifted leftward.  Everything its MPs do and say is designed to achieve this aim.

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The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached New Depths

The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached Newer Depths

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