Board of Deputies, snipers and peaceful protesters

Yesterday, the Israeli army used an array of snipers cowering behind a hillock and unmanned drones dropping gas bombs to launch a premeditated killing spree against peaceful unarmed civilian protesters across the border in Gaza. 

Snipers cowering behind a mound of dirt picked out their targets

The official spokesperson for the Israeli military admitted, gleefully, that its actions were planned.


The response of the British right-wing organisation Board of Deputies was

Alarming developments at Gaza border as Hamas once again using its civilians – inc children – as pawns. We call for calm & a return to negotiating table, resulting in a secure, Jewish & democratic Israel alongside a viable & vibrant Palestinian state.”

From a humane perspective it is impossible to understand how anyone could describe the incident as the Board of Deputies did.  Willful blindness to humanity is the only probable cause of such a description.

The second sentence above in the quote was clear unashamed dishonesty and a gross misrepresentation of the acts and intent of the Israeli government.

Given its extreme political outlook – a perspective so extreme that it accommodates even the deliberate targetting and shooting of children at a peaceful protest – the Board of Deputies cannot be trusted as a reliable source of analysis on anything.


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Board of Deputies, snipers and peaceful protesters

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