Pathetic walkabout stunt by May in Salisbury

Yesterday (15th March) Kim Jung-Un visited a small city in the west of the country that had, a few days earlier, been the location for a nerve agent attack in which three people had become seriously ill and several others needed medical attention.  There, in a prepared stunt, a small group of paid supporters of the ‘dear leader’ had been herded into a small fenced area, surrounded by security staff, and told to wait to greet him in front of the cameras of the state broadcaster.  

When he arrived, Kim Jung-Un was guided to his spot by the director and then reminded to turn to engage with the paid supporters and to behave as if the meeting was spontaneous.  He smiled, fist-bumped a young party employee and accepted some flowers.  The staged encounter was filmed throughout by the state broadcaster who was careful not to film any wide shots that would have exposed the fact that the crowd ‘greeting’ Kim Jung-Un was tiny.  Security staff remained in a ring around the pantomime to ensure that no real people or journalists were able to approach.


Throughout the rest of the day the state broadcaster repeatedly showed a clip of a smiling Kim Jung-Un meeting the party employees but was very careful never to show any wide shots or different angles.  Further, the state broadcaster offered no analysis of the meeting other than the state line that the leader was meeting the public.  The rehearsed fist-bump was mentioned often by the state broadcaster as an attempt to humanise him.

Meanwhile, ten of thousands of people have died in his country due to inhumane austerity policies, people with disabilities are being attacked relentlessly by his government, homelessness is increasing with daily deaths on the streets the norm including many ex-servicemen and women, the health service is being destroyed for the benefit of financial gangsters and he brokered an arms deal with a brutal dictator who is currently carpet-bombing civilians in Yemen.

But, the fist bump….


Pathetic walkabout stunt by May in Salisbury

The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached New Depths

The Novichok attack in Salisbury was a very worrying incident.  For the Progress MPs in Labour the incident has been turned into an opportunity for them to attack Labour.  Progress exists to try to stop Labour leaning leftward and its members would prefer the continuity of a destructive Tory government to a government led by Jeremy Corbyn; they will take any spurious opportunity to criticise him.

This week, the behaviour of the sub-party’s MPs in parliament has been resolutely opposed to that of the Labour leader to such an extent that the prime minister and Tory MPs have been queuing up to heap praise on their Progress colleagues.  This spectacle, though not surprising, has been vomit-inducing to see and hear. 

On Wednesday Progress MPs John Woodcock, Wes Streeting, Stella Creasy, Stephen Doughty, Ann Coffey and Chukka Umunna sponsored a motion in parliament titled ‘Russia poisoning of Sergie and Yulia Skripal.’  A précis of the motion was: “We support Theresa May’s decisions and actions in response to the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.”  It was a wholly unnecessary motion that had no worth with respect to the issue it raised.  The signatories to the motion could have expressed their support for May’s words and actions without the need to sponsor a motion.  The only reason this motion was tabled was to cast doubt on Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity as the leader of the opposition.  For characters like Wes Streeting, Mike Gapes and Chris Leslie, the attempted murder in Salisbury was just a tool to use in their ongoing battle against Corbyn’s politics.  This was a gross example of political opportunism and reveals how rancid Progress is.  It was a stunt, in poor taste.  

Clearly, whenever there is conflict with another country, the criticism of the government should be at its most stringent and thorough.  But, the Tories are demanding the opposite: The Tories want blind obedience and cheer-leading, and that is what the Progress mob are happy to supply, just so they can use another blunt tool with which to try to bash Corbyn.

Gapes and Streeting

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Pathetic walkabout stunt by May in Salisbury

The Cowardly Opportunism Of The Progress Mob Has Reached New Depths

Governments should receive the most scrutiny during international conflict

Whenever there is conflict, or potential conflict, between states then the governments of those states should receive the greatest scrutiny for their actions and words.  During such time, each government should be under constant public surveillance and inquiry from opposition politicians and from the media.

The Tory government in Britain is seeking to take punitive acts against the Russian government as a response to the Salisbury Novichok nerve agent attack.  It is not only right but absolutely vital that the opposition in parliament and the media provide strong interrogation and criticism of the government right now.

The leader of the opposition and his shadow cabinet colleagues, alongside a few journalists, are questioning the decisions and conclusions of the government as they should be doing.  Their behaviour is a necessity in a so-called democracy.

Most of the media, and not just the right-wing media, is clapping along shamelessly to the prime minister’s remarks and actions with no scrutiny whatsoever.  Their obsequiousness is embellished by constant childish attacks on those who dare to have the intelligence and integrity to query the government.  These attacks consist entirely of slanderous and libellous comments that seek to cast doubt on the patriotism of the critics of the government.

Some MPs, allegedly on the “opposition” benches, have joined in with the oaths of obedience to the Tories and with the disgraceful libel and slander directed at the genuine opposition.  The members of the Progress subset of Labour have fought to see who could be the most endearing toward Theresa May while attacking their own leader, and these charlatans have been delighted with the praise handed to them by the Tories for the cowardice.

Question your government always and question it most fiercely when it is claiming to take action against another country on your behalf.  The leader of the opposition is doing a good job.  Most of the media and some non-Tory MPs are failing abjectly to do their job and are behaving cowardly.


Governments should receive the most scrutiny during international conflict

Novichok attack: Right-wingers respond by attacking Corbyn

Several people remain ill – three seriously – following a Novichok nerve agent attack in Salisbury aimed at British spy Sergei Skripal.  (Skripal was targetted because he received payment from the British state to expose Russian agents operating in NATO countries.) 

Yesterday, responding to some speculative comments on the incident by Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn rightly raised the issue of Tory MPs being beneficiaries of large sums of money from the Russian state and the state’s associates.  The Tories have actively enabled the oligarchs of organised crime who run Russia to launder billions via tax-dodging purchases of property and businesses in the UK, especially in London.  It was refreshing to hear an opposition leader raise this appalling history of obsequiousness and deference toward criminals by the Tories.


The opponents of Corbyn’s politics have used the nerve agent attack as a spurious opportunity to criticise and abuse him.  Their opportunism is an insult to those people who are ill as a result of the nerve agent.  It is indicative of how fearful they are of the growing popularity of left-leaning politics that the right-wingers are comfortable to use such a worrying incident as a tool to attack the integrity of Corbyn.  Tory MPs, right-wing journalists, “centrist” journalists, Progress MPs and right-wing think-tanks all trotted out similar nonsense.  It has been very predictable, repetitive and neon-lit demonstration of their fear. 

The criticism of Corbyn yesterday was uniformly dishonest, weak and lacking variety.  It consisted solely of an absurd claim that he should be falling into line and not questioning the government at all.  His critics promoted a lack of scrutiny of the government; thus, they displayed opposition to free speech.  The greatest scrutiny of any government should occur when there is a threat to the country but the right-wingers want obsequious servitude.

There was nothing else to the attacks on Corbyn.  There were a lot of circular comments that criticised him by claiming someone else is criticising him.

Below are a few examples (from Monday and Tuesday).

Tory MPs
The Minister of State for International Trade, Greg Hands MP, chose to lie about what Corbyn said in parliament and then Hands praised the childish behaviour of his Tory colleagues.


Corbyn had, of course, condemned the attack.  He said “the whole House condemns the suspected poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. No member of our police force and nobody on the streets of Britain should ever face such an attack, let alone with chemical weapons.”

Anna Soubry restricted herself to a few insults at Corbyn and revealed how little fear the Tories have for the Progress Labour MPs.


Johnny Mercer, one of the Tory Bratboys in Parliament, chose to pretend to believe that Corbyn’s reference to Russian criminals’ corruption of the Tory party was “the most shameful moment in the House of Commons he has ever seen.”  

Progress MPs
The Progress MPs were less keen to make their remarks outside the location where parliamentary privilege applies.  Also, their criticism of Corbyn wasn’t direct and dodged mentioning him by name.

John Woodcock: “It would put our national security at risk if we were led by somebody who did not understand the threat that Russia poses to our nation.”

Chris Leslie: “When our country is under attack scoring party political points [Corbyn mentioning Russian corruption of the Tories] is not appropriate.”

Yvette Cooper: “I hope the whole house can come together behind a firm response.”

Right-wing and centrist journalists
For right-wing journalists, it was just another day of willful misrepresentation, insults and abuse directed at Corbyn and his colleagues.  The right-wing hacks don’t care about the victims of the nerve agent attack.  For them, anything is used as a tool to attack left-wing politics.  They have no integrity and no principles.

It is very credible that Deborah Haynes, defence editor at Murdoch’s Times, would try to score political points against Corbyn.  


Political Editor at the Daily Mail, Jason Groves, continued the faux dramatic response to Corbyn’s important point about Russian criminals’ corruption of the Tories.


Kevin Schofield, former Murdoch hack at The Sun and now the willing mouthpiece for Progress MPs who are too cowardly to express themselves openly, passed on several rectal emissions from his unnamed sources including


He also channelled the ghost of Jim Bowen.


Schofield could have expressed agreement with the comments above by the SNP politicians without using them as an excuse to attack Corbyn, but it’s his job to attack Corbyn,

Sebastian Payne from the Financial Times, gathered several themes of nonsense in one comment.


Payne chose to make the discussion in parliament about the nerve agent attack into a moment for point scoring.  He was aware that many more Tory politicians have appeared on Russia Today than Labour.  Corbyn didn’t try to make the discussion into a “partisan issue.”  A foreign state may have attacked a British spy but that is not the same as “attacking the UK.”  The only parts of Payne’s comment that were correct were the punctuation and spelling.

Dia Chakravarty from the Telegraph (and formerly at Tax-Payers’ Alliance) made a plaintive plea that the useless Progress mob could acquire some worth.  They can’t.


Bloomberg’s Robert Hutton used a convoluted route to accuse Corbyn of not disapproving of the nerve agent attack.  Hutton’s technique was self-aware childishness.


Ian Dunt was invisible until after the EU referendum in 2016.  Since then, his agent has been able to wrangle continuous gigs for Dunt on TV and radio.  Dunt’s selling point as a performer is that he supports remaining in the EU but he has neither the knowledge nor the wit to present that argument informatively; he is to intelligent presentation of the Remain argument what James Corden is to comedy.  He threw out a few comments entirely in line with what the right-wing hacks had offered.


Think-tanks etc.
The most prominent right-wing think-tanks choose to keep their donors secret.  Perhaps, they get zero from the Russian and Russian-connected financial gangsters?  They won’t say.  

The imperialist think-tank Henry Jackson Society‘s Alan Mendoza claimed dramatically that the government should be excused criticism. 


We should be united in response to this assault” is an attack on democracy and free speech.  It is vital when any military or military-style attack takes place that the government should receive scrutiny, but Mendoza asked for obedience.

Human Security Centre‘s Julie Lenarz employed the usual right-wing con-trick of saying other people are “shocked, outraged and repulsed.”


Our enemies?  I’m confident that the Human Security Centre is my enemy.

Tom Harris, from “public affairs consultancy” 3rd Avenue Comms, pretended that he thought Corbyn had made a misjudgment.  


“Public affairs consultancy” translates as childishly conning people.

The tweets and quotes above are a selection of the critical remarks aimed at Corbyn yesterday and today.  These comments are noteworthy for their lack of substance and lack of variety.  


Novichok attack: Right-wingers respond by attacking Corbyn

BAE Sells 48 Typhoon Jets To Kill More Yemeni Civilians

Forty-eight more Typhoon jets will be sold by BAE Systems to the Saudi Arabian government.  This is the main reason that crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting Britain this week (March 2018).  The jets will be used predominantly to drop ordinance on Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure including homes, hospitals and schools.

The brutality of the Saudi family and their associates is extreme and unbound, both within the country and outside.  The carpet-bombing of Yemen is designed as a demonstration of ruthless unfettered power and is a message to other countries that might irk Saudi Arabia’s ire such as Qatar or Iran.  It is also a message to the people who do the work in Saudi Arabia without adequate pay – often as slaves – and in hazardous working conditions.

BAE Systems couldn’t give a damn who buys their weaponry; they would sell to ISIS or Kim Jung-Un if they could get away with it.  BAE Systems relies on death and destruction for profit.  Any peace deal anywhere in the world is bad news for them.  

The soulless Tories have no interest in whether or not Yemeni civilians are being blown up and they couldn’t care less about the feudal antiquated brutality of the Saudi government.  Every piece of fawning by Tories (and by the royals) toward bin Salman this week was work on behalf of BAE Systems.  Of course, the individual MPs are well paid by both the arms manufacturers and by the Saudi government.

Britain's newly appointed Defence Secret
(former) Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

Given how the Tories are happy to broker huge arms deals with such a despicable government just to help the profits of arms manufacturers, it is inconceivable to think they give a damn at all about people in Britain.  They care as little about the people of Britain as they do about the people of Yemen.

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BAE Sells 48 Typhoon Jets To Kill More Yemeni Civilians

Every brutal dictator needs willing arms brokers and a large varied PR team

Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman continued his arms and property shopping trip to Britain today.  He met an arms broker to whom he gave an appreciative look.

“If you get me some of that nerve gas then I’ll let you drive my car”

Today is International Women’s Day.  The Tories and associated charlatans are parrotting guff from the Saudi government about its alleged commitment to reform: A few women can now drive a car!  All the helpers of the Saudi government’s marketing department know that the small changes to the country’s feudal laws are merely part of a smokescreen but they will keep repeating the PR in order to stifle and shut down debate about Saudi Arabia’s brutality.  For example, Tory MP Helen Whately attended a jolly in May 2017 to Riyadh at the Saudi government’s expense as a “fact-finding” exercise.  Yesterday, she opined:


The newest royal couple (Meghan and Harry) are celebrating International Women’s Day in Birmingham as part of an endless promotional tour for themselves ahead of their publicly funded wedding; simultaneously, their family members are greeting the mass murderer as an equal.


The obsequiousness of Tories, right-wing media and royals toward a brutal feudal dictator, who has an endless supply of unearned money, is a reminder that all are just gimps of financial gangsters.   

Every brutal dictator needs willing arms brokers and a large varied PR team

Saudi Brutality And Tory Laughter

Crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, is enjoying a visit to Britain this week (March 2018) and a variety of right-wing politicians, arms dealers, royals and London-based property developers are lining up to kiss his backside. 

He and his family are very wealthy due to the abundance of fossil fuels beneath the ground in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis ensure their unearned wealth stays in the family by governing as an extremely brutal feudal dictatorship. 

  • The people who do the actual work in the country are very lowly paid – some unpaid as slaves – and they work in unsafe, unregulated environments
  • The right to vote is only for a privileged few and the power resides with the unelected Saudi family
  • There is no political freedom of speech and no journalistic freedom of speech
  • Political activists are jailed, tortured and murdered by the state, brutally and publicly
  • Rights and freedom for women are severely restricted
  • Homosexuality is illegal
  • The Saudi military is destroying homes, school and hospitals in Yemen, killing thousands of innocent people and backing this slaughter by blockading vital food and medical supplies at sea, leading to the spread of fatal (but treatable) diseases in Yemen

None of these facets of the extreme nature of the Saudi government are a problem for the Tory government.  The Tories, as always, have just one objective: How much money can be made for the financial gangsters?  Arms manufacturers and dealers, property developers and the security industry, all of whom donate generously to the Tories and who employ them during and after their tenures as MPs, are key suppliers for the Saudi family and their associates.  The Tories are delighted to act as brokers and facilitators and they couldn’t care less about thousands of slaughtered Yemeni civilians (killed by British-made armaments) or brutal assaults on Saudi civilians (by British-trained police) or thousands of empty apartments in London (“owned” by absentee Saudi investors) while homeless Londoners die in the streets.

Tories in HoC today laughing at Saudi government’s treatment of women

For the Tories, the money is all that matters and everything else is just a joke.

Yemen, after British-trained Saudi pilots have used British-made armaments
Saudi Brutality And Tory Laughter

FA CEO Martin Glenn And Political Symbols

The Football Association has displayed its stupidity and ignorance many times.  Recently, the decades-long failure to tackle child abuse by football coaches and the inept response to racism in the women’s game have shown how unprepared and unwilling the FA is to act as an effective governing body.  Its incompetence is a consequence of the limited intellect and blinkered worldview of its main protagonists.  Chairman Greg Clark, CEO Martin Glenn and unelected president Prince William are a trio whose respective ignorance is matched by their respective slow-moving wits.

Political symbols
Yesterday, Martin Glenn added to the catalogue of FA gormlessness at a jolly in Zurich.  Despite Glenn having previously admitted that he is “not a football person,” he had wrangled a speaking slot at the International Football Association Board gathering.  There, he said the following:

Things like a poppy are OK but things that are going to be highly divisive are not.  That could be strong religious symbols, it could be the Star of David, it could the hammer and sickle, it could be a swastika, anything like Robert Mugabe on your shirt – these are the things we don’t want.”

So, for clarity, the CEO of the FA equated the Star Of David with the Swastika.  Later, he issued one of those non-apology apologies: “I would like to apologise for any offence caused.”  Such a non-apology is designed to focus on people who are offended by the comments rather than highlight the offender.


Poppies and ribbons
The reason that Martin Glenn spoke about ‘political symbols’ was a reaction to Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s small yellow ribbon he wears to show support for jailed Catalunya politicians.  The FA have ‘charged’ Guardiola for wearing a ‘political symbol.’  Political symbols are normally prohibited by all football administrations.

The hypocrisy of the FA’s stance on the yellow ribbon is neon-lit: Every November the FA insists that clubs and players in England indulge in a poppyfest.  The FA had to fight UEFA and FIFA to be allowed to include the poppy on England shirts in international games because the poppy was described as a ‘political symbol’ by those international football associations.  So, The FA’s aggressive attitude toward the yellow ribbon may be the result of not wanting to have further conflict with UEFA and FIFA.

Guardiola’s commendable decision to support the jailed politicians is meant as support for freedom and for democracy.  Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, FA mandarins visited Qatar to sign a memorandum of collaboration with the Qatar Football Association; no-one knows what that means.  


Unfit for office
The problem with the FA isn’t its structure, the problem is the people in power.  Clark is an arrogant professional administrator who thinks he is utterly unaccountable to anyone, the so-called prince is as dim as a five Watt bulb but has a non-job for life as president of the FA and Glenn is out of his depth, grotesquely ignorant of how to behave in a public visible position and should be sacked.

FA CEO Martin Glenn And Political Symbols

Treason and Patriotism In Capitalist Democracies


Treason and patriotism are inventions.  Neither patriotism nor treason has any intellectual meaning.  Philosophical alignment with a manufactured country and accompanying otherness of people from a different country are both anti-human afflictions.  

Treason and patriotism are used descriptively as tools of distraction, division and control by those in power in order to create false competition between people.  Right-wing politicians are the most likely to advocate patriotism as a state of mind but they are usually assisted by the hapless centrists.  Intelligent socialists need to refute and deny patriotism as a concept; it needs to always be exposed as a spurious construct that is designed to divide humanity to enrich a few.  In capitalist democracies, treason is entirely inapplicable to everyone apart from small elites in power in each country and their financial beneficiaries.  They can trick each other, lie to and con each other, spy on each other and steal each other secrets.  For them it is a game.  But, for everyone else, treason means absolutely nothing.  It is not the role of the public in any country to protect one gang of exploiters from another similar gang.

During wartime patriotism is a mass killer.  Planned and enacted by competing financial elites, capitalist wars feed on patriotism.  Without induced patriotism, wars would never generate popular support.  To undermine imposed conflict, people from competing countries at war should work together constantly to crush patriotism.  Rather than accept that the elite (politicians, their financial donors, royals, senior army officers, etc.) need protection from their financial competitors in other countries, the people in the countries at war should engage in relentless simultaneous treason.

Patriotism is an enemy of humanity.

Treason can be a useful tool.


Treason and Patriotism In Capitalist Democracies

Leo Varadkar Tries To Coerce Sinn Fein Into Taking UK MPs’ Oath.

The Brexit-inspired jockeying for parliamentary majorities and associated shenanigans attained a new level of stupidity this week when unprincipled (and unelected) Taoiseach Leo Varadkar asked that the seven elected Sinn Féin representatives in Northern Ireland proclaim an oath to the British monarchy and take their seats in the Westminster parliament.  Varadkar’s suggestion mocks centuries of Irish battles for freedom and he is spitting in the faces of Irish revolutionaries.  

Post Office, Dublin, 1916

It is not just Brexit numbers in the British parliament that interests Varadkar.  He is keen to discredit Sinn Féin because the concocted government he leads at the Dáil knows that Sinn Féin are the strongest challengers to be the next Irish government: In Varadkar in The Times he claimed that Sinn Féin’s presence in the House Of Commons would “make things better for Ireland.”  Clearly, he said this to deliberately imply that their absence would have the opposite effect.  It is a cheap shot of a politician without principles.  Varadkar is a clown. 

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Leo Varadkar


Leo Varadkar Tries To Coerce Sinn Fein Into Taking UK MPs’ Oath.