Liberals fear the left more than they dislike the far-right: Dunt on Orban


Far-right anti-Semitic party Fidesz, led by Viktor Orban (above), won the Hungarian election this week with a large majority.  British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was quick to express his glee at the success of a far-right anti-Semitic politician.


The success of far-right parties in elections in Europe has several causes.  Two of the reasons for their success are

  • Abject failure of capitalist parties to do anything or stand for anything
  • Constant attacks on left-wing politics by the hapless centrists

All the capitalist (non-)options are fraudulent offerings to the voters.  They may call themselves a variety of meaningless terms – “centre,” “centre-left,” “centre-right,” “liberal,” “conservative,” “progressive,” etc. – but all are variants on a narrow theme; all are subservient to the wealth terrorists of financial exploitation.  They have been found out as con artists and charlatans.

The uselessness of standard capitalist parties throughout the world has created a huge hole that should be filled with revolutionary socialist politics that will go to war with the wealth terrorists.  There is never a shortage of potential revolutionaries but, obviously, a socialist government is the absolute opposite of what financial gangsters want.  Thus, any left-leaning party that threatens to be popular in a democratic country is always subjected to a constant, aggressive multi-layered attack.  But, it isn’t just the right-wing that displays its fear of socialism.  The self-declared liberal centre is always as vicious and as relentless as the right in attacking left-wing politicians or parties that appear to have the potential to succeed.  These mealy-mouthed liberals don’t want a far-right government but they fear a left-wing government much more.

Dunt do it
Columnist and TV talking head Ian Dunt’s favourite job is to be a voice of Remain; if the EU referendum had had an opposite result then he would be redundant.  His second favourite job is joining in with the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

Dunt wrote an article about Orban’s election victory.  He started well in Dunt on Orban and Corbyn with good strong critical analysis of the rise of the far-right in various European countries.  Dunt highlighted the disgusting anti-Semitism and xenophobia of Orban and of many of his supporters.  The tone of the article seemed to be a call to arms among liberals to fight against the filth of far-right politics, but, sadly, that tone was a creation, an illusion, a lie…..a con.  The real purpose of Dunt’s article began with

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is a million miles removed from Orban’s proto-fascist nationalist lunacy. But events within it carry echoes of those in Hungary.”

He tried, clumsily, to justify that second sentence.  He failed.  Putting one of the strongest opponents of bigotry and racism to have sat in the House of Commons in the last thirty years alongside an extreme anti-Semitic like Orban was a disgusting comparison by Dunt.  His decision to do that was sickening.  It revealed his abject dishonesty and destroyed any claim he could make to possess integrity.

The insult to Jeremy Corbyn is appalling, but there was another factor to Dunt’s behaviour which is worse.  The intent of the article was to attack Corbyn and, so, the preamble about Orban was not sincere.  Dunt’s (correct) criticism of Orban’s awful politics was just there as an introductory tool before he arrived at the point where he libelled Corbyn, which was the real purpose of his article.  

For Dunt and all of the professional liberals and centrists, no matter how much they may abhor the far-right their fear of any leftward tendency is greater.  An extremely anti-Semitic politician and party has been elected in Hungary but Dunt doesn’t care about that; for him, it is just another spurious opportunity to attack left-wing politics in the UK.

Liberals fear the left more than they dislike the far-right: Dunt on Orban

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