Cowardly Tories follow orders from racist orange buffoon

Early this morning (Saturday) the Tory government instructed the RAF to take part in a bombing campaign in Syria led by the US air force.

There are no legitimate reasons for the bombing campaign, it has no military objective, there are civilian casualties and its effect will be to escalate conflict not to decrease it.

The only reasons for the bombing campaign are 

  • To assist the profits of arms manufacturers by using up armaments that then will be replaced
  • To distract the American people from Trumps’ impending impeachment

The obedience to Trump of Theresa May and her gang of venal scum is sickening.  They have displayed utter contempt for parliament and for the British people.  They chose the early hours of Saturday morning in order to dodge parliamentary scrutiny.  The British people were informed of the decision to go to war in a live televised broadcast of a speech by the orange buffoon; Theresa May merely released a deceptive hollow statement later.

The Tories are being led by a reckless corrupt idiot in the White House who relies on the relentless lies and misinformation from Murdoch’s Fox News for his analysis and knowledge.  May and her cabinet’s willingness to agree to Trump’s demands is an abject abdication of responsibility as a government of Britain.  The prime minister, her defence secretary Gavin Williamson and all of that cabal of corrupt, spineless filth in the British government are COWARDS.




Cowardly Tories follow orders from racist orange buffoon

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