Syria air strikes: Everything the Tories do is a farce

The air strikes on Syria were over swiftly after the air forces of Britain, France and (mostly) the USA bombed a few evacuated buildings and some fields.  One of the evacuated buildings was a cancer research centre.  

The motivation for the illegal attack was claimed to be an attempt to damage the Syrian military’s ability to launch chemical weapons attacks, but if the bombs and missiles had hit chemical weapons storage then the consequences would have been catastrophic for the surrounding area; such a catastrophe didn’t happen.  

The air strikes were a day before an international inspection team arrived in Syria to look for evidence of chemical weapons manufacture.  Conveniently for the perpetrators of the air strikes, some of the locations that these inspectors may have wanted to investigate are now piles of rubble and, so, no evidence can be acquired to either prove chemical weapons manufacture or to disprove it.

“Inspect that!”

The main motivations for the air strikes were consequences of Trump’s various predicaments.  The racist orange buffoon is always keen on distractions from his impending impeachment and his impending arrest for a variety of crimes.  Also, he must prove to the arms industry and its investors that he is fully supportive of maximising their profits; the best way to do that is to show how thrilled he is to use up the bombs and missiles that have already been bought.

The air strikes early on Saturday morning will have had no positive effect on what is happening in the conflict in Syria.  The most notable result is that the Russian military was able to test (successfully) its defence systems against incoming missile attacks.  

May and her cabinet colleagues are utterly inept.  They have nothing to offer the public.  Their deliberate underfunding of NHS, police, fire service, education and councils cannot be obscured by their army of liars led by party chairman Brandon Lewis.  Brexit looms and the Tories are in disarray with no plan for it.  So, surrounded by their own mess, they cling to the coat-tails of criminals.  Donald Trump and Mohammed bin Salman are the Tories’ favourite international gangsters and they will do whatever they are told to do by them.  Tories are the gofers for the bullies, scurrying around running errands in the (probably vain) hope that some crumbs will fall their way.

The British people, ahead of local elections on May 3rd, have noted the pointlessness of the air strikes, they have noted the timing of the attacks early Saturday morning to avoid immediate parliamentary examination, they have noted that the air strikes were the day before a due inspection of possible sites for chemical weapons manufacture – sites that were destroyed by the air strikes making inspection fruitless, they have noted that the announcement of Britain’s involvement in the attack was made by the president of the USA not by the prime minister, they have noted that the Tory statement of ‘legality’ of the air strikes is a made-up deceptive piece of trash, and they have noted that the Tories chose not to have a parliamentary vote on air strikes because they feared they would lose such a vote.

As the Tories’ creative account of the Salisbury incident continues to unravel, their desperation continues to increase.  All they have left is their new spanking social media policy of lying relentlessly and shamelessly.

“Welcome to the Twilight Zone”


Syria air strikes: Everything the Tories do is a farce

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