May 3rd Council Elections: Progress shenanigans

One indicator that there is an election looming is that the Progress mob move up a few gears with the frequency and loudness of their attacks on Corbyn and his colleagues.  Two weeks before council elections on May 3rd the enemies of socialism have been falling over themselves to launch wave after wave of half-assed nonsense.   Of course, their precious £70k p.a. seats are not in danger in council elections.


Rent-a-yob John ‘the sneer’ Mann offered a new variant on the well-known Monty Python sketch.  Mr. Mann claimed that Mrs. Mann, his wife, received a dead bird – not resting – in the post, sent by Momentum.  A few holes grew rapidly in Mr. Mann’s story when it was revealed that the dead bird had been received by Mrs. Mann in 2012 when Momentum did not exist and Jeremy Corbyn was not the Labour leader.  But, why let facts get in the way of a smear?

Venezuelan Blue loves kipping on its back

Wes ‘I’ve-knocked-on-more-doors-than-you’ Streeting has been very busy.  Streeting chose to be angry that Marc Wadsworth, a veteran campaigner against racism, has dared to appeal against his suspension from the Labour party that had followed deliberately false accusations made against him by another Progress MP Ruth Smeeth.  Streeting is so angry at Mr. Wadsworth that he is trying to get a posse together to march from parliament to the venue of a hearing where Mr. Wadsworth is due to defend himself against the accusations.  The clear intent of turning up mob-handed is to intimidate the attendees and decision makers at the hearing, with the bonus of media coverage designed to belittle the Labour leadership.  Marc Wadsworth responded to Streeting’s behaviour with the following statement.

“It’s ironic that in this week of media attention on the Tories’ abuse of the Windrush generation, I find Wes trying to organise a parliamentary protest against me, in spite of the evidence.
My dad came to this country from Jamaica at his own expense during World War Two to join the RAF to fight against the nazis. He went back in 1946 but then came back to the UK on the Windrush in 1948 – I’m a Windrush child.
Given his two or three tweets this week condemning the government’s treatment of the Windrush generation, I’d have hoped Wes would be supporting a Windrush descendant who’s fighting for the representation of black and Asian people in the Labour Party, but it seems that’s not going to happen.
It represents a worrying pattern of behaviour and Wes has questions to answer.”

Streeting displayed some hypocrisy in his reaction to a story on a left-wing news site about him.


That is, in a tweet as part of an exchange that includes Streeting’s threat of legal action for “libel” he claims a friend (i.e. Ruth Smeeth) was “abused” (by, according to Smeeth, Marc Wadsworth).  But, the hearing is where the validity of Smeeth’s accusations against Wadsworth will be determined.  Is Streeting libelling Wadsworth ahead of that hearing?  A couple of weeks ago Smeeth had to remove some libellous comments she wrote about Marc Wadsworth that had formed part of her accusations against him.

Update 25/04: Streeting libelled the supporters of Mr. Wadsworth (see screenshot of tweet below) by claiming Smeeth had to “walk through a protest” and that the presence of a gang of MPs and peers was “necessary to accompany her.”  It wasn’t a protest, it was support for Mr. Wadsworth against false accusations.  The presence of MPs and peers was not a necessity; they were there as a media-hungry stunt and to try to intimidate the decision-makers at the hearing.  Streeting’s language is designed to create a negative impression of people who are supporting a veteran anti-racism campaigner.


Chris Leslie and John ‘BAE’ Woodcock chose to use a parliamentary debate about the war in Syria as an opportunity to attack the Labour leader.  Woodcock pretended to adopt a moral stance on the tactics of the Syrian government.

As scores lies dead in the city of Douma, the UK should be part of a united front which makes clear that the use of these evil weapons will always attract severe consequences.  If the Government can rediscover the will to protect civilians against this growing threat, I am confident many Labour MPs will want to play their part and rise above the excuses and diversions which emanate from the shadow front bench whenever there is a crisis.”

Those words were spoken by an alleged member of Labour, the main opposition party in the House of Commons.  If he disagreed with the Labour leadership’s view then that could have been expressed without fawning over Theresa May and without gleeful acceptance of Tory cheers.  Woodcock claimed the Tory government has “rediscovered the will to protect civilians.”  That is the same Tory government that has recently brokered arms deals with Turkey (whose military have invaded northern Syria this year with the objective of wiping out the Kurdish population) and Saudi Arabia (whose air force is carpet-bombing civilians and infrastructure in Yemen every day).  Coincidentally, Woodcock has only just returned from a jolly to Riyadh.  He has refused to reveal who paid for the trip.

Angela Smith decided that a couple of weeks before the council elections was the right time to write an article (for Murdoch’s Times) that disagreed with Labour’s plan to nationalise the supply of water.  Nationalising water supply is easy because it just means re-directing raised revenue toward improvements in supply and toward reductions to bills rather than the money disappearing into offshore accounts of various shady made-up water companies.  It would also be a financially painless transition because the said fictitious companies don’t own anything.  Smith’s article was garbled, contradictory waffle; it had no intent to offer an alternative plan for water supply “ownership.”  Coincidentally, Angela Smith has received freebies from Whitehouse Construction, a member of an industry group led by private water firms called Future Water Association, and she delivered a speech, based on the Times article, at a conference organised by the private water supply industry.

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May 3rd Council Elections: Progress shenanigans

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