Sam Gyimah MP wants to enforce extreme right-wing views on students

Sam Gyimah MP replaced Jo Johnson MP as minister for universities in January.  Gyimah has no interest in improving education.  He is comfortable with the extortionate cost of further education that disproportionately affects students from families with lower incomes.  The creditors of the ensuing debt are donors to the Tory party.

Since being handed his unearned position, for which he has no experience or expertise, Gyimah’s focus has been to force universities to provide venues for speeches by extreme right-wing rabble-rousers and racists, and the government has stated its intent to change the law to enforce compliance from the universities.  The intrinsic cowardice of the Tories means they cannot present their arguments for such a law change honestly so they created a fake quango to try to give the impression of a gathering of viewpoints and of an ensuing consensus: The dishonestly titled Office For Students (OfS) has a single purpose of enabling the imposition of unwanted extreme-right filth on campuses. 

Professional right-wing troll and performing seal Toby Young was given a fake role at the OfS and then sacked a couple of days later following revelations of vile behaviour.  The initial choice of Young exposed the contempt the government has for students and for education and highlighted the intent of the existence of OfS.

Sam Gyimah MP

On Sunday, wealthy donors, many from the USA, funded a extreme-right rally in London at which a succession of bigots spouted tirades of racism, prejudice and abuse, much of it in contravention of the law and with an emphasis on anti-Islam rhetoric.  The speakers and their words at that rally are exactly the people and views that the OfS and Sam Gyimah would like to see dominate university venues’ schedules. 


Sam Gyimah MP wants to enforce extreme right-wing views on students

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