Private Police: My Local Random-Bloke-In-A-Fancy-Dress-Outfit

Evening all.


Part scam and part sad men in fancy dress, the pretend police business My Local Bobby (MLB) has decided that it will expand its operations from posh wealthy Belgravia in West London to the whole country.  Two ex-coppers, who wilfully abandoned their public service careers to take advantage of massive Tory cuts to policing, have described MLB as if it is an actual police force.  It isn’t.  It’s some blokes in fancy dress.

Let’s play dress-up
Here are a couple of recent examples of someone who stood in different locations in the West London area.  The examples are taken from the MLB twitter page. 
(The MLB twitter account has been made a ‘protected’ account since the screenshots below were grabbed.)

1) A random bloke in fancy dress stood in a park near to two police officers on horseback.  It was nice of the two police officers to pose for a photo.  It appeared to be raining and so the random bloke had his hat on.


2) The same guy in the same fancy dress get-up.  This time he stood on a road near to a fire engine.  It was still raining and so the random bloke still had his hat on.


It wasn’t clear whether the random bloke in fancy dress is called Bobby Adam or his name is Adam and he was described as a “bobby.”

Fake authority
The MLB employees, like the one pictured above, are just random blokes.  They have no more authority than any random member of the public.  No-one has to take any notice of anything they say. 

But, they have pretended to have authority and have pretended that their fancy dress outfits meant they could behave like police officers.  There are some disturbing photos, taken by MLB employees and published on the MLB twitter account, of members of the public being harassed in the street by MLB employees.  No permission from the people in the photos was sought or granted for their publication on a social media site and the respective comments that accompany the photos included (possibly libellous) accusations without proof.  Such antics went beyond dress-up and became role-playing. 

Dress-up is comical but role-playing is dangerous.

Every private business enterprise that has invaded public services was interested in just one outcome: MONEY.

MLB charged some residents for its “services” but the majority of its income has been created via private criminal prosecutions (PCPs).  A PCP uses publicly funded courts and staff to pursue extortionate rip-off costs in scenarios where the Crown Prosecution Service deemed a prosecution to be wrong or unlikely to succeed.  It is a scam.  MLB is a subset of TM-Eye, a company that has specialised in PCPs targetting counterfeit goods; this specialisation has been a big earner in “costs.”

Privatisation of public services
All the privatisations that the Tories enforced upon the British people were designed to be rip-offs.  The only beneficiaries have been a small elite of wealth terrorists and their respective willing gimps and gofers. 

A privatised police force is a very dangerous development.  The nature of police work is such that sometimes lives are at risk.  A few poseurs playing dress-up should not be getting involved.

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Private Police: My Local Random-Bloke-In-A-Fancy-Dress-Outfit

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