The Tories’ cowardice is absolute

Today, the Tories are kissing the backside of Turkey’s president Erdogan.  His government has jailed thousands of opposition politicians, activists, journalists and teachers and ordered an invasion into Kurdish regions of Syria to annihilate the Kurdish people living there. 

Also today, the Tories are steadfastly refusing to offer any criticism of the Israeli military’s slaughter of protesters in Gaza yesterday during which over fifty people were killed and over a thousand injured by (illegal) explosive bullets.  The Tory reaction to the slaughter in Gaza is to parrot the lines of the Israeli government.

(Update: On May 18th the UN Human Rights Council voted to hold a commission of inquiry to look into the assault on protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces.  The Tory government abstained on this vote.)

This behaviour by the Tory government is extreme cowardice

The Tories fear vicious, murderous, fascist brutes and they are unable to criticise them or to do anything other than fart out fawning obsequiousness.  They fear the international arms manufacturers and they will do everything they can to aid the profits of the arms industry regardless of consequences.  The Tories would broker arms sales to ISIS if they could; it could be argued that they already have, via Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

There have been many British governments (not exclusively Tory) that have served a small elite and who have fornicated themselves for the benefit of the arms industry but there has never been a British government that is as cowardly as Theresa May’s gang of lickspittles.  They never answer questions, they lie relentlessly and they kowtow to whichever dictator has ordered them to.  Filth.

A coward (left) receives her orders

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The Tories’ cowardice is absolute

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