The Royal Family is elitist extremism; the royal wedding was a con

Woolly untrustworthy liberals, centrists and cod-left observers have spent the day uttering such fraudulent concoctions as

I’m not a royalist but Meghan Markle has a nice dress on.”

I’m not a royalist but the choir sounded great.”

I’m not a royalist but Bishop Curry preached a good sermon.”

I’m not a royalist but there’s David Beckham.”

I’m not a royalist but that was moving.”

Most of these comments have been uttered by white middle-class voices with privileged positions of influence in the media. 

It was a royal wedding.  The sole purpose of this public spectacle was to promote the royal family.  The wedding existed to enhance the popularity of an entity whose role is part distraction and part a reminder of everyone’s place in society. 

Every aspect of the wedding was chosen carefully by marketing and PR teams.  It was another attempt to reconstruct the royal family’s false image and to pretend that they are something other than defenders of elitist exploitation.  

Prince Harry is an immature prat who thought dressing as a NAZI officer was funny, who described machine-gunning Afghanis from his helicopter as “like a computer game” and who celebrates that working-class kids are forced to risk life and limb in the British army as the only hope of a career.  Meghan Markle is an actress in TV soaps.  They are dull and lack any original thoughts.  It is all an act.  He has been taught how to act since he was born and she is a professional actress.  Their combined role now as actors is to con the public into thinking that they are different from the rest of the royal gloop.  

New features of the royal con were appended at the wedding and hapless, dishonest observers fell easily for it; far too easily.  

A gun with a peace sign on it is still a gun, a fist about to smash into your face is still a fist about to smash into your face even if the letters of the word ‘love’ are spelled out on the knuckles, and extreme elitism is still extreme elitism even if the extreme elitism hired a preacher who preached about liberal values.  The royal wedding, and its endless preamble, was a carefully constructed scam.


Spineless liberals, who appear to have fallen so easily for another rendition of the royal scam, are doing so willingly.  Any pretence of opposition that they had to elitist exploitation magically evaporated at the sight of a pretty dress and at the sound of an entertaining preacher.  Their true intent revealed itself.  Whenever any of these fraudsters, henceforth, choose to pretend to object to NHS cuts or welfare cuts or the lack of affordable housing or education cuts or deportations of Windrush generation, then those false objections should be shoved right up their royal-loving arseholes.

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The Royal Family is elitist extremism; the royal wedding was a con

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