Ruth Davidson is nothing


(Forner) leader of the Tories in Scotland, Ruth Davidson displays the standard qualities of a modern Tory professional – relentless dishonesty, petulance, rabid inconsistency, cowardice – and she adopts the usual Tory pantomime behaviour of snide comments, laughing at her own sentences, silly stunts (see photo above) and rabble-rousing.  That’s all Davidson has to offer.  There is nothing else.  She has no insight, no vision, no plan, no analysis, no proposals, no political beliefs, no viewpoints, nothing.

The hollowness of Davidson is a consequence of the de-evolution of the Tory party to be ever more focussed on subservience to wealth terrorists and disaster capitalists.  Unashamed unvarying obedience to an intrinsically anti-human objective is a scenario that abhors intelligence, self-awareness, knowledge and wit.  Stupidity is a necessity to operate as a leading Tory.  Theresa May’s stupidity ensures she is never distracted by doubt or by facts, and Davidson fits nicely into that mold.  Davidson is simultaneously a product of the Tory party’s descent into the mire and also has the required anti-personality that allows her to succeed within the party’s crassendo operandi.

Davidson’s popularity?
There is clamour in the bubbles for Davidson to assume a more influential and more senior position in the Tory party.  Her user-friendly stupidity is a factor in her in-house popularity but such a description applies to almost all Tory MPs and MSPs.  Other factors are difficult to spot.  Davidson has less baggage in Westminster than, say, Boris Johnson or Michael Gove, but so do several Westminster backbenchers.  Her name being drawn out of a hat seems the only explanation.  It’s her turn.

With desperation, the Tory party is continually pretending to re-invent and revamp itself.  At last month’s (May 2018) laughable “launch” of Onward – a name stolen from Macron’s En Marche – Davidson popped up spouting incoherent soundbites.  Onward dissipated as soon as it existed but desperation persists and Davidson is the current preferred straw to grasp at.  

In Rhodes on Davidson Mandy Rhodes describes succinctly Davidson’s evasion, political vacancy and blatant hypocrisy, and then notes how willingly many in the media choose to be taken in by the con tricks.

While she [Davidson] describes herself as a soggy, liberal Tory and appears soft on immigration, strong on human rights and a champion of equality, she is complicit with a political party that has tolerated racism and Islamophobia within its own ranks, and implemented pugnacious immigration policies that have led to scandals such as Windrush.”

And it is surely testament to her remarkable communication skills and political sleight of hand that she is regarded by a Metropolitan commentariat and its conscious myopia as being divorced from all of that.”

Examples of the “conscious myopia” of the “Metropolitan commentariat” include 

Alex Massie: “Davidson is a formidable communicator; interested in ideas but blessed with the common touch.”  
Chris Deerin: “[Davidson] is the genuine article, the real deal, a politician of surpassing talent. She is built for the big stage: charismatic, funny, as sharp as a shipyard put-down.” 

If anyone is thinking of selling shares in Tower Bridge or offering rides on a unicorn then maybe Massie or Deerin would be willing customers or investors.  The gormlessness of these professional trolls is embarrassing. 

Davidson was chosen by Vogue magazine as one of twenty-five most influential women in Britain: She is a beacon, thanks to her relatable personality and progressive ideas.” 

Presumably, Vogue meant “relatable” to other confidence tricksters and liars.  All of Davidson’s statements of “progressive ideas” are attempts to differentiate her from other Tories to give the false impression that the Tory party has a range of views.  It doesn’t and, always, Davidson falls into line with whatever the given instructions are including teaming up with the racist, homophobic, anti-abortion, creationist DUP or supporting the use of the rape clause in child benefit claims.  Davidson’s role is to try to hide the narrowness of Tory party by lying blatantly about her fake political aims while simultaneously being an obedient enabler of typical Tory policy.  

Right-wing and centrist media’s apparent appreciation of Davidson’s skills is partly conscious support for someone – anyone – who might revitalise the Tories but it is also a sad reflection of the destitute state of political journalism that is more impressed by cliché-ridden incoherent gift of the gab rather than knowledge or insight.

Davidson is nothing.


Ruth Davidson is nothing

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