Banks and Wigmore: Products of a venal system that encourages charlatans

The observer magazine just about sums him up.  E.g. self-satisfied, smug
‘How I Wrote Elastic Man’ – Mark E. Smith

Today (June 12th 2018), Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore treated the DCMS select committee hearing with contempt and ridicule.  Petulance, arrogance and snide were their crassendo operandi.  Both charlatans were entirely comfortable and confident with their behaviour, their evasion and their blatant lies.

Their relaxed contemptuous style was a consequence of the corporate world they inhabit, a world that has been allowed to be carefree and lawless.  Eight years of Tory deliberate mismanagement of the cogs of capitalist exploitation have encouraged recklessness, shamelessness and have made obeying the law optional for protagonists in business.  Fraudsters, tax-dodgers, charlatans and confidence tricksters are beneficiaries of Tory removal of corporate responsibility.  Unrestricted rampant exploitation is the norm.  

Banks and Wigmore are used to doing whatever they want, legal or otherwise.  Banks knows that his web of shell companies makes paying tax optional for him and he knows that all the shenanigans regarding Strategic Communication Laboratories, Russia, Trump and Cambridge Analytica is just gossip for the media with no negative effect for him; he also knows he can sit smugly at a select committee hearing, lie brazenly and leave whenever he feels like.  

Slackening of and removal of laws, purposeful unwillingness to apply remaining law and venal dishonest examples set by Tory MPs have all actively encouraged and supported the methodologies of characters like Wigmore and Banks.  They are products of Tory strategy.  They are exactly what the Tories stand for.  They epitomise Tory values.

Male slags
Slags slates and tapes



Banks and Wigmore: Products of a venal system that encourages charlatans

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