NHS, ‘Brexit dividend’ and BBC complicity

As they continue to dismantle the NHS and hand NHS property and tax payers’ money to thieving privateers while the quality of medical care declines rapidly, and as they continue to persist with a shambolic, costly and aimless Brexit, the Tory government remains committed to constant blatant lies, misdirections and fraudulent misrepresentation.

This weekend the Tory government promoted a press release to a compliant media wherein the former claimed that there will be a multi-billion pound investment in the NHS.  Later, the government claimed this money would magically appear as a result of a “Brexit dividend.”  There are two humongous lies there.

1) There will be no Brexit dividend.  No balanced honest analysis of possible outcomes of Brexit has reached a conclusion that doesn’t include severe financial difficulties.
2) The Tories have no intention of increasing funding for medical care but they are happy to hand tax payers’ money to made-up private companies who just syphon the money away into their offshore accounts.  

The audacity of spouting glibly such blatant obvious lies seems bold to the point of reckless, but Theresa May and her cabal know that they will not be directly interrogated by most of the broadcast and newspaper media.  They know their lies will simply be passed on as if factual.

The BBC reported the “increase” in NHS funding as if it was just a football result and then compounded its obsequiousness with a vomit-inducing fawning demonstration by the hapless Andrew Marr in a pre-recorded and pre-edited puff piece with May on his Sunday chat show; in the interview May was able to use the phrase “Brexit dividend” without challenge.

The deliberate lack of a challenge to the Tories’ dishonesty makes the BBC complicit.  A government can continue to lie brazenly without retort only if allowed to do so.  If the biggest broadcaster in the UK – a publicly funded broadcaster – is complicit in Tory lies then that is a major problem for democracy.


NHS, ‘Brexit dividend’ and BBC complicity

One thought on “NHS, ‘Brexit dividend’ and BBC complicity

  1. Democracy? You’re having a laugh. None since 1979. Every single sector, with the POSSIBLE exception of the Judiciary, is corrupt to the core.

    And in truth, it has always been a myth, really. The Royal Prerogative. But we were only amateurishly, and occasionally, corrupt, before 1979.

    Now the Russian Mafia come to us, for advice …

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