BBC Question Time: Who should be the new chair?

Question Time has lost its chair, David Dimbleby.  The show is not a BBC production and so his successor might not be a current BBC person. 

The production team have several options for the type of chair.

Option 1: Sensible, intelligent, calm and quick-witted
Option 2: Trendy and pliable
Option 3: “Controversial”
Option 4: Rotating chairs from the world of entertainment

Option 1
There are many potential candidates who would be capable of chairing the show competently by keeping control, calmly but firmly if necessary, without directing the conversation and resisting becoming the star of the show.  For example, Anna Botting, Simon McCoy, Jon Snow, Lukwesa Burak, Victoria Derbyshire and even Adam Boulton. 

Option 2
A less talented appointee could be controlled and directed more easily.  There is an endless conveyor belt of such hapless idiots in the colons of ITV2.  Many became famous via the route of staged reality TV such as TOWIE or Love Island.  Perhaps, given Question Time’s recent descent, the production team sees a connection with staged reality.

TV presenter Rick Edwards

Option 3
The screaming heads and professional trolls that infest British media are favoured by some TV and radio producers as a tool to try to increase viewing figures because their deliberate controversial style is assumed to appeal in a basic rustic manner.  Incoherent, inconsistent, irrational and illogical bursts of repetitive verbosity, poking viewers with a dumb stick with a very base level of provocation, are often precisely what modern current affairs producers want.  A perusal through the presenters on the LBC radio roster provides many examples of such entities.  

Option 4
BBC’s satirical panel show Have I Got News For You switched to rotating presenters after the departure of Angus Deayton.  Most of its presenters are from the entertainment world or from news and current affairs.  Question Time’s production team might think that using a rotation of presenters could keep the show fresh and attract different viewers.

Question Time’s descent into light entertainment farce won’t be arrested if the production team doesn’t choose Option 1.  Any other option is the wrong choice.


BBC Question Time: Who should be the new chair?

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