Theresa May grovels to a royal and defecates on Britain

During a visit to the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre last week, Theresa May met one of the queen’s grandchildren, William.  Rather than just shake his hand and say ‘hello,’ the prime minster grovelled like a lickspittle lackey prostrate in front of filthy elite.


May contorted herself so much it looked like she’d just shat herself.

It was a grotesque spectacle.  May is supposed to be the leader of an elected government in a democracy but she chose to pay deference to a dim-witted, useless twerp whose only qualification for his role is that he is descended from a long line of dim-witted, useless twerps, a line that began with theft and murder.  

May’s grovelling behaviour revealed how little value she puts on democracy and how little respect she has for the people of this country. 

That single, vomit-inducing image showed a weak, dishonest, untrustworthy and venal person who is wholly unfit to be prime minister.

Theresa May grovels to a royal and defecates on Britain

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