Be Incivil!

The far-right in the US government and at Fox News have been whining about some people being incivil toward the enablers and the supporters of Donald Trump’s relentless attacks on humanity and on society.  These plaintive cries for respect echo those of the Tory party in Britain via party chairman Brandon Lewis’ ‘Respect Pledge.’

Both governments’ requests for civility and respect for the architects of destruction should be met with aggressive, unfettered contempt.  Their demands for civility should receive the same physical response, altered for cultural popularity; that is, a middle finger in the US and two fingers in the UK.

No-one, who opposes the extremist free-marketeers in the White House or in Downing Street, should ever waste a fraction of a second or a microjoule of energy on worrying whether their behaviour might diverge from normal civil polite discourse when dealing with these gimps.  Indeed, being incivil and showing no respect are absolutely necessary and merely the opening salvos in any interaction or combat with them.

Do not debate with Tories, Trumpists and the screaming heads at Fox.  Do not listen to their lies, obfuscations, misdirections and confidence tricks.  Do not pet their dead cats.  Do not take any notice of their false claims to the primacy of discourse, debate and reason because they have no interest in those activities.  They are charlatans, thieves and fraudsters.  Treat them as the filth they are.




Be Incivil!

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