Theresa May’s bad week highlighted her incompetence, cowardice and dishonesty

The ineptitude of Theresa May’s disastrous tenure as unelected prime minister was displayed vividly in a horrendous week of failure. 

Fudge-filled Brexit’s anti-progress was given another injection of stodge with her latest anti-plan cobbled together ahead of a pantomime at Chequers.  There, her PR team attempted to present the meeting as a show of leadership and strength whereat she showed the cabinet who is boss; the plethora of resignations from the cabinet followed soon afterward, including the incompetent Brexit Secretary and the venal Foreign Secretary.

In parliament there was supposed to be a debate on the white paper that May had presented at Chequers but the newly installed Brexit Secretary, disaster capitalists’ gimp Dominic Raab, had decided to withhold copies of the paper from opposition MPs causing a rumpus and a delay.  A few days later, during a soft interview with a compliant Andrew Marr, some of May’s answers to his unprobing questions contradicted factually what was in the white paper.  

At the same time as the latest Brexit shambles, racist corrupt orange buffoon Donald Trump visited Britain.  His performance throughout his visit was exactly as expected.  He stumbled around, irritated the queen, and used a undemanding press conference as an opportunity to promote the language of white supremacism via his comments on immigration “changing Britain’s culture.”  He dictated which news networks could ask questions and denied saying things that he had said hours earlier in a recorded interview with a newspaper.  May stood by in collaboration and obsequiousness, occasionally coughing out a few platitudes of meaninglessness.

May had agreed meekly to all of Trump’s demands for his visit to Britain including allowing US military aircraft to fly low over residential areas of London as a means of violent intimidation.  Of course, Trump, as a nurtured coward, dodged all the protests against his visit and didn’t meet anyone who would offer any critical remarks; his pre- and post-visit interviews were with boarding school-educated Murdoch errand boy Tom Newton-Dunn and professional troll Piers Morgan respectively.  It is not known if Trump’s bone spurs were the reason he avoided being challenged.

During Trump’s visit, a honk of gammon gathered drunkenly in London to yell racist abuse and be violent.  Funded by shady US lobby groups, and roused heartily by Trump and by his former aide Steve Bannon, the extreme-right thugs attacked trade unionists, a woman bus driver and the police.  They are on one cheek of the arse that has Trump, Bannon, Farage, Rees-Mogg, Hannan, Murray, etc. perched on the other cheek.  These inebriated racists are the concomitant actions of the words spoken by Trump (in his press conference) and of the words spoken by Bannon on a platform handed to him by LBC radio during Trump’s visit.  This is what May encouraged willingly when she led Trump around by the hand.


A week in politics that showcased May’s stupidity, her shameless capacity to lie and her weakness next to thugocracy.  But, nothing was surprising.  The prime minister continues as prime minister because her party is full of cowards and lackeys, and because most of the media hacks lack the skills and the inclination to expose her as an absolute nincompoop.



Theresa May’s bad week highlighted her incompetence, cowardice and dishonesty

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