Trump and Putin: Treason, apparently

Donald Trump serves himself, his immediate family and the wealthiest 0.1%.  That has been his objective throughout his tenure as president.  Anything else is just rabble-rousing to keep his supporters happy and onside, while he steals their healthcare, raises their taxes, raises prices and destroys their environment.

Two words that have no meaning whatsoever to Trump are ‘patriotism’ and ‘treason.’  His US nationality is by accident and a convenience, nothing more.  He has no connection to the USA other than financial connections; he certainly has no tax connections.  For him, being president, alongside being a great ride, is a tool to further enrich himself, his associates, his crooked family and a few other wealth terrorists.

Yesterday, US Democrats, many journalists, and some US Republicans accused Trump of treasonous behaviour after his press conference with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.  During the press conference Trump suggested that he might be more likely to believe Putin rather than the US intelligence services regarding Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.  He has said similar many times before.  For him to repeat such comments yesterday was not surprising; indeed, it would have been surprising if he hadn’t.  Trump is an idiot.  Among his many faults is that he has no concept of diplomacy and none of circumspection.  But, his opponents acted all giddy, frenzied and shocked at his comments.

“Treason,” they cried dramatically.  Yes, Trump is treasonous, because he has no interest whatsoever in the American people and he wants to make millions upon millions for himself at their expense.  He is taking everyone for a ride.  However, a few comments when sat next to Putin, remarks that Trump has made many times before, are not interesting, significant or important.  It is just a pantomime.  And, it is a pantomime wherein Trump’s opponents have parts to play; their role is to act shocked and aghast and faint with a sigh, while simultaneously defending the US intelligence services whose activities over many decades have been criminal, murderous, politically motivated and extremely corrupt.  So-called political opponents of a Republican president lining up to protect CIA and FBI is absurd.

Trump – a buffoon, an oaf, a nurtured racist, a multi-million dollar tax-dodger, a persistent bankrupt, a relentless liar, a sexist, a thief, a moron – is, ultimately, enacting policies that are typical of the Republican party.  Some of his opponents are challenging him properly, but the most visible Democrats and the professional hacks are behaving like characters in a bad Victorian novel.


Trump and Putin: Treason, apparently

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