John Woodcock: Coward

Anti-socialist MP John Woodcock, facing a Labour Party investigation for alleged sexual harassment, has resigned from the party but has chosen to not stand down as an MP and to avoid a by-election.

His decision to leave Labour rather than contest the allegations against him was blatant cowardice and means his name will never be cleared of the accusations. 

His decision to refuse to stand down as an MP and not fight an ensuing by-election as an independent candidate was another display of abject cowardice.

Legally, he does not have to stand down as an MP, but to choose not to do so means he is currently stealing a parliamentary seat.  The voters in his constituency voted for Labour and were inspired to do so by the new direction Labour has taken under Jeremy Corbyn; they did not vote for an independent who is opposed to Labour.  Even the Tories who switched to UKIP a few years ago chose to stand down as MPs and fight by-elections.

Woodcock’s cowardice epitomised the lack of integrity throughout the Progress mob.  Their failures and their losses continue and their reactions to these failures are becoming ever more desperate, dishonest and disgraceful.  Woodcock’s latest stunt showed utter contempt for the disciplinary procedures within Labour, procedures that the Progress mob have been happy to abuse against supporters of Corbyn, and it displayed contempt for democracy and for parliament due to his refusal to stand down as an MP.

John Woodcock, hard at work

However, none of his behaviour was surprising.

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John Woodcock: Coward

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