Farage has broken wind. Will the media scurry to smell it?

Tax-dodger, bigot, rabble-rouser, expenses-fiddler, liar and conman Nigel Farage – a veteran of SEVEN failed attempts to be elected to UK parliament and an MEP with one of the worst attendance records in the European parliament – has stuck his fame-hungry offshore accounted nose into British politics again: He announced his intention to prance around the UK in a bus to promote a hard Brexit.  The mediocre ex-commodities broker and current puppet of disaster capitalists chose to express doubts about Theresa May’s commitment to a no-deal Brexit and he has been encouraged – and doubtless amply rewarded – to be a town crier again to con the public into supporting a disastrous event.

The only beneficiaries of a hard no-deal Brexit would be a tiny elite of financial gangsters who would vacuum up the remains of catastrophe, at cheap prices.  These filthy wealth terrorists are salivating at the prospect of the mayhem and destruction resulting from a monstrously stupid decision to waltz away from the EU abruptly without any plan.  They intend to meander among the debris, pocketing land, property and public services at fire sale costs, and buggering off to their tax safe havens.  

The disaster capitalists need an absence of public analysis of the consequences of a hard Brexit.  They want all knowledgeable and unbiased experts to be pushed aside and ridiculed.  They want clowns, confidence tricksters and shamans to dominate media coverage and to drive discussion.  They want to keep the public blisslessly ignorant.  Farage is one of their grotesque little gimps who has the gob to chatter incessantly and who has the necessary aversion to integrity, honesty, ethical behaviour and concept of society.  He is one of their hurlers of dead cats.

Farage could be ignored.  He could be driven around in his silly bus, he could pose for a few photos and he could meet a handful of gurning twerps, and be given no airtime or newspaper inches at all.  He could be treated as the gormless, unpleasant ogre that he is and receive the universal snub and the contempt that he deserves.  That is what would happen if the media was peopled by intelligent, balanced and skillful journalists and reporters who knew what was important and what was fraudulent tripe.

Will the media scramble to smell the malodorous emissions from the rancid racist rectum?  Recent behaviour suggested they will.  Newspapers, radio and television are obsessed with news as entertainment and any distraction from informed discussion is always given prominence.  Farage possesses the anti-intellect persona loved by producers and editors, and his constructed lack of self-awareness means he can lie continuously and repeatedly despite easy valid debunking of the nonsense he spouts.  He is a pantomime character and a political fraudster. 

For almost a decade, wilful compliance by the media has simultaneously fed on Farage’s hollow, corrupt rhetoric and fed it.  A duonanistic tragedy has mocked debate and stifled analysis.  Promulgation of circular uninformative verbosity has helped to enhance ignorance and deter inspection.  If Farage is farting all over TV, radio and newspapers then worthy debate and informative analysis are hidden by his scatological cloud.  The media’s complicity in the Farage-clouding has not been accidental.  Will it continue?

Nigel Farage at one of many BBC Question Time appearances

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Farage has broken wind. Will the media scurry to smell it?

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