Antisemitism in the Tory Party

By necessity, the Tory party is racist.  Like their fellow conservatives in UKIP, the Tories need to use racism as a tool of distraction and division.  

When Home Secretary, Theresa May was happy to destroy lives in order to maintain and enhance racist rhetoric.  She purposefully and deliberately acted illegally regarding deportations and she wilfully created the Windrush scandal via removal of decades-old protections for (British) former residents of various countries in the Caribbean. 

The first Tory conference after the EU referendum, May’s first as prime minister, was packed full of xenophobia – CPC 2016.

The Tories have not used antisemitism as much as they have used racism and anti-Islam words and actions.  However, this week Tory MEPs chose to isolate themselves from most EU parliament members by supporting anti-Semite Victor Orban in a vote in the parliament

The result of the vote would have been the same regardless of how the Tories voted.  Their decision to vote in favour of anti-Semite Victor Orban was intended as a strong demonstration of support for his and the Hungarian government’s racism, xenophobia and antisemitism.  (The decision to support him was also a desperate plea for help from Hungary post-Brexit as part of the Tories xenophobic Brexit strategy.)

It is no surprise that the Tories will use antisemitism as a tool; it fits in with their general use of racism.

Theresa May and Victor Orban

Condemnation of Tory antisemitism?
The reaction to the Tory MEPs’ support for anti-Semite Victor Orban has been muted in its condemnation. 

The Board Of Deputies, keen opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, managed to issue a short statement that included strong criticism of Orban but expressed only “disappointment” that Tories voted for Orban and stated that their vote was just “very concerning.”


The Jewish Chronicle, edited by Stephen Pollard, seemed to be unaware of the Tories’ support for anti-Semite Victor Orban; instead, the newspaper had several more smear stories against Corbyn.

Other newspapers did not put accounts or analysis as lead stories.  The BBC has had very little coverage.  Some centrist hacks have mentioned the Tories’ MEP vote for Orban only in the context of yet another attack on Corbyn.


In a House Of Lords debate on antisemitism, the day after the vote in the EU parliament whereat the Tories supported anti-Semite Orban, Jonathan Sacks chose not to mention the Tory support for antisemitism. 

The other contributors to the HoL debate dodged criticism of the Tory MEPs but some contributors indulged in yet more slanderous unevidenced abuse at Corbyn including falsely claiming he is antisemitic. 

Tory tactics
The Tory support for racism including antisemitism and the Tories’ libellous accusations of racism and antisemitism against Corbyn are both tactics of political distraction.  There is nothing surprising about these tactics.  It is Tories being Tories.  There is also nothing surprising about biased analysis from Progress MPs/Lords and from the media.

The Tories are a party of racism.

Antisemitism in the Tory Party

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