Any socialist government would need to unprivatise vital public services as soon as it takes power. 

Services to be unprivatised immediately include (among others):

  • NHS
  • Police
  • Prisons
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Schools
  • Probation
  • Welfare
  • Rail
  • Bus

First act of unprivatisation: Turn off the tap
The initial act of unprivatisation is simple: Remove the flow of money that goes out of the public services into offshore accounts of fake “owners.”

The diagram below shows flow of money before and after unprivatisation.











Figure 1 above describes the current scenario of the process of Tory privatisation that was designed to provide a steady large flow of unearned income for wealth terrorists while public services deteriorated and costs for tax-payers and users rose hugely. 

The simple first step is to stop the theft and ensure all money raised and all fiscal funding is used for the public services – see Figure 2.  The consequences of this simple change would be better services, lower costs for users and lower costs for the tax-payers.

Second act of unprivatisation: Recover stolen property
Buildings, vehicles and other physical infrastructure of public services were handed to the privateers by the Tories.  All such infrastructure would need to be taken back without prior warning and without compensation.  Non-essential staff – in unnecessary management layers, invented administrative posts and imaginary consultancy posts – would need to be removed.

Third act of unprivatisation: Recover stolen money
All newly-unprivatised public services would need urgent investment due to decay during years of Tory privatisation mismanagement.  To help fund the necessary improvements to public services the stolen wealth of the previous “owners” should be recovered as quickly as possible by any means necessary.  If the privateers have hidden their stolen income in offshore British tax haven accounts then a new socialist government would need to grab the money from such accounts regardless of any opposition from the respective administrations of those tax havens.

The three steps of unprivatisation could be enacted easily if there exists the will and determination to follow through thoroughly on an intent to unprivatise. 

No procrastinations, no exceptions, no compromise.


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