Tory 2018 Conference Preview: Are you ready for the deluge of lies?

The 2018 Tory party conference starts on Sunday. 

Following a successful, cohesive, confident and determined Labour conference with strong policies, and with the Tories’ anti-preparation for Brexit in utter shambles, what can we expect from the Tories at their conference?

Couldn’t give a damn

Brexit is heading inexorably to a no-deal departure that will bring joy to the disaster capitalists and their gimps in the Tory party and in the dark money DUP.  Some Tories are pretending to oppose a no-deal Brexit as a ruse to distract and to use up media airtime.  False debates between allegedly no-no-deal and no-deal Tories, with help from a compliant media, will be staged during the conference; meanwhile, Rees-Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Raab, Patel, Hancock, etc. (and Philip May) will be taking instructions from the disaster capitalists and their PR teams in various secretly funded right-wing think-tanks on how best to ensure that vultures can make money out of a cliff-fall Brexit and sod the majority of people in Britain.

An Etonian racist

The Tory party has always used racism as a tool to generate division and to distract.  The attacks on the lives of the Windrush citizens continues: Homelessness, untreated illnesses (due to denial of NHS care), destitution, deportation and death are the consequences of the deliberate racist policy introduced by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.  Current Home Secretary Sajid Javid is happy to continue the attacks. 

Anti-Islam rhetoric and actions are routine for the Tories.  Recent examples include Tory candidate for Mayor of London, Shaun Bailey, endorsing anti-Islamic comments aimed at current mayor Sadiq Khan and Boris Johnson campaigning for the EDL by writing some childish comments about the clothes worn by some Muslim women. 

Antisemitism is not a stranger to the Tory party: Tory MEPs gave full support to the anti-Semite Viktor Orban in the EU parliament, a decision backed publicly by Tory MPs in the UK. 

However, the Tory plan is to claim that Labour (and other left-wing politicians and activists) are racist and antisemitic and to equate left-wing politics with the extreme-right.  The Tories know that such claims are unambiguous fabrication but they will be backed vociferously by the right-wing media and, even more loudly, by the centrist media including BBC news and Channel 4 news, and by Progress MPs.  Theresa May showed this deceitful intent in advance of the conference in comments reported by Channel 4 news: May spouts nonsense.  

Professional conman and Tory chairman Brandon Lewis

The conference will alternate between and combine two contradictory but equally untrue assertions: LIES about Labour’s plans announced at its conference and LIES about Tory plans on similar vital issues. 

Labour has plans to stop the destruction of NHS, education, welfare system, police services, etc., to improve workers’ rights, to stop tax avoidance and to unprivatise vital public services.  The Tories will attack all these plans from dual (dishonest) perspectives of cost and, in a gross reversal of truth, attacks on freedom.  Simultaneously, the Tories will pretend to have plans for homelessness, cost of housing, NHS, policing, education, jobs, etc. but every word will be a LIE.  They have no intention to make any improvements in any vital public service – they view public services as cash cows for privateer vultures, they have no intention of helping workers and they have no intention of creating affordable and/or social housing. 

The LIES about fake policy intent will gush forth relentlessly at their conference, shamelessly, and will be lapped up obediently by useless media.  The Tories couldn’t care less about deteriorating public services; they couldn’t care less about huge increases in homelessness and destitution; they have created laws that attack workers’ rights, wages and job security; they have steadily removed access to justice via removal of legal aid; they are indifferent to people with disabilities being evicted, starving and dying due to vicious reductions to welfare assistance; they are handing the NHS, and all other vital public services, to gangsters who receive a steady stream of tax payers’ money while the services decline rapidly and the costs for users increase exponentially.  That is the essence of Tory privatisation.

Hello there Tories

Fear will palpable throughout the conference.  There will be real fear of a real challenge from Labour.  This fear will be a driving force behind the LIES.  There will also be clumsy embarrassing attempts to create fear of socialism and, in a strange extrapolation, fear of communism.  Spectres of Lenin, Marx, Engels and Trotsky will be summoned and thrust in the faces of the public.  Communist boots on England’s pleasant pastures seen.  

The Tory conference: Fear, LIES, distractions, xenophobic rhetoric, libelling of political opponents, smarm, snide, contempt for the British people, arrogance and total absence of humanity.

Links to snapshots of some Tory protagonists
European Research Group leader Jacob Rees-Mogg
Home Secretary Sajid Javid
Foreign Secretary Gavin Williamson
Minister For Homelessness Heather Wheeler
Leader of Scottish Tories Ruth Davidson
University Minister Sam Gyimah
Brothers Grim Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock
Remove the right-to-vote with Minister for the Constitution Chloe Smith
Tory Bratboys in parliament
Undead Norman Tebbit (not dead at time of blog publication)

Tory 2018 Conference Preview: Are you ready for the deluge of lies?

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