CPC 2018: Austerity is over, or not? What is austerity?

At their Autumn conference the Tories couldn’t decide whether austerity would end soon or not.  Theresa May claimed in her fraudulent speech that it will end after Brexit but chancellor Philip Hammond announced another dump of vicious cuts. 

Persistent relentless lies from May are the norm but what would it mean if austerity were to end?


End of austerity?
What will not happen if, somehow, austerity ended?

All the police stations, fire stations, hospital buildings, libraries and other former public buildings, that had been handed over to offshore property developers and donors of the Tory party, will not miraculously return to public ownership and miraculously redevelop themselves back to their original purposes.

All the huge cuts in staff numbers in the health service, fire service, police service and education will not magically be reversed.

All the people made homeless due to savage cuts to welfare, particularly for people with disabilities, will not suddenly find homes.

All the young people from less well off backgrounds saddled with massive student loans will not see their debts wiped.

The people whose lives and livelihoods were ruined due to the racist Windrush policy will not be able to return to their former lives.

All the people who died due to reckless cuts to the NHS will not come back to life.

All the people who died due to welfare cuts will not come back to life.

All the residents who perished in the Grenfell Tower fire will not come back to life.

None of the billions of pounds of avoided tax will be paid.

The removal of legal aid will not be reversed.

Zero hours contracts will not be outlawed and will continue to replace real employment.

Huge cuts to central government funding for councils will not be reversed.

There will be no new affordable and/or council homes.

Gas, electricity and water will continue to be a cash cow for tax haven gangsters with poor service and rip-off prices.

Public transport will continue to be a cash cow for tax haven gangsters with poor service and rip-off prices.

Universal Credit will still exist causing further destitution, evictions and death.

The Tory policy of Social Murder will continue.

The only consequence of austerity ending, even if it were to happen in the sense the liar May means, is that the current misery will persist.  Nothing will improve.  Nothing will return to any previous state.  Residual effects will exacerbate the pain.

But, May is a liar.  The Tory policy described as austerity is not about to end.

Brexit austerity
The Tories are keen on a no-deal Brexit.  They have spent two years avoiding making any progress in discussions with the EU by deliberately making spurious suggestions for a post-Brexit relationship with the EU that they know the EU cannot agree to.

A cliff-fall no-deal Brexit suits the Tories because it suits criminally minded disaster capitalists who make money out of acquiring public service infrastructure for free if a country faces a negative jolt to its fiscal economy.  The disaster capitalists’ PR and marketing teams – right-wing think-tanks Institute Of Economic Affairs, Tax Payers Alliance, Centre For Policy Studies, Adam Smith Institute, Initiative For Free Trade – employ senior cabinet members including Brexit Secretary and Minister For Health Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock.

Regardless of the veracity of May’s comment about austerity ending, or not, its effects will be enhanced after Brexit.  Hastened destruction of all public services and giveaways of public service infrastructure will be immediate consequences of no-deal Brexit.  The NHS will be destroyed.  Unemployment will increase rapidly.  The ensuing effects will be an intensification of austerity.  All the current sociopathic savagery will be reinvigorated.

These effects of a no-deal Brexit will be deliberate .

Tory austerity isn’t austerity; it’s ideology
The Tories’ definition of austerity, a definition supported by most of the media and by many opposition politicians, means a reduction in the percentage of fiscal revenue (raised by taxation, borrowing, etc.) that is spent on services.  The Tories have claimed, backed by the same hapless cheerleaders, that such a reduction means fiscal debt can be reduced.

There are several problems in the Tories’ definition of austerity and of its stated intent.

  • The fiscal debt under the last eight years of Tory government has increased more so than in any time in Britain’s history
  • Money not spent on public services has not been saved but handed over to privateer fraudsters via Tory privatisation
  • The Tories have spent hundreds of millions of tax payers’ money on legal cases fighting against people who have tried to resist savage cuts to vital public services
  • Tax avoiders and tax evaders have been encouraged and assisted by the Tories to steal billions of pounds from the British people

Tory austerity has never been about saving money.  Tory austerity is an ideology.  It is the ideology of using tax payers, public service users and most of the people in Britain as sources of income for a handful of wealth terrorists.  It is a tool to enrich an elite few at the expense of everyone else.  It is a criminal racket.

CPC 2018: Austerity is over, or not? What is austerity?

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