The Observer and Theresa May

Today (7th October 2018), The Guardian’s sister newspaper The Observer gave a platform to hard-right charlatan Theresa May.  

Observer editor Paul Webster

The purpose of providing the platform was to assist the Tory prime minister to promote her party’s con trick of pretending to not be focussed on extreme exploitative hard-right economic ideology.  

Theresa May’s article restated and expanded on lies, con-tricks and blatant fraud from her conference speech.  The Observer was fully aware of the intent of May’s misrepresentation in her speech and very keen to present the Tories as not being corrupt gimps of wealth terrorists intent on destroying society.  This does not necessarily mean that the newspaper agreed with actual Tory policy but it re-revealed how committed it is to objecting to a left-of-centre government.  

For the centre and for liberals, fear of socialism trumps fear of any other political ideology.

Observing The Observer

Rightly, left-of-centre activists and journalists criticised The Observer’s decision to be the prime minister’s enabler.  The reaction from the centrist bubble to this criticism was petulant.  A few examples below; all are actual word-for-word quotes.

David Aaronovitch: “She’s the prime minister, you utter buffoon.”

Nick Cohen: “She’s the prime minister you wombat-thick pillock.”

Gaby Hinsliff: “I see a lot of people who think all moderates are Tories, are outraged that a Tory leader would pitch for moderates’ votes in the Observer.”

Jane Merrick: “I’m pretty sure Observer readers are open-minded enough to cope with a newspaper that prints articles from all parties.  It’s not like it’s the Canary.”

The only reason the newspaper prostrated itself was desperation in its fight against socialism.  The centrist politicians – Lib Dems, Progress, etc. – are so utterly pointless and absurd that pretending the Tories are something they aren’t is all that the anti-socialists have to grasp onto.

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The Observer and Theresa May

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