Universal Credit: Social Murder by design

Universal Credit has been designed to cause destitution, homelessness, illness and death.  

Massive cuts to necessary benefit payments, endless delays to payments and automated spurious suspensions and denial of payments are inserted features of Universal Credit.

Universal Credit was never conceived as an attempt to simplify benefit payments.  That claim was always just a lie.

It was never intended to save tax payers money.  Any reductions in total payments to all claimants have been offset by money handed to privateer vultures who administer Universal Credit and also by the millions spent by the government on legal cases fighting challenges to the implementation of it.

Universal credit is merely the name attached to a policy of destroying the vital welfare safety net so that people who are in low-paid work become absolutely terrified of losing their jobs.

A terrified employee is more easily exploited by an unscrupulous employer.  Thus, poor pay (often sub-minimum wage), appalling (often dangerous) working conditions, no job security, fake self-employed status and no access to unions have to be endured by millions of people because the alternative is no income and its consequential disastrous and possibly fatal effects on their lives. 

The purpose of Universal Credit is to display its vicious effects to those who are working to keep them in line.  Every story of starvation, of exacerbated illnesses, of terminally ill people forced to work, of disabled people forced to look for work that they cannot do, of eviction, of homelessness, of destitution and of death is a story that sends the intended message to people who are working or looking for work: Accept any exploitation in the workplace and any denial of your human rights or else you could be next! 

Universal Credit is a deliberate Social Murder policy.

Iain Duncan-Smith

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Universal Credit: Social Murder by design

8 thoughts on “Universal Credit: Social Murder by design

  1. Richard Goffin-Lecar says:

    Well, I suppose it is less expensive than gas chambers and Zyklon B, or Einsatzgruppen extermination squads. The mentality and the result is the same though. The deaths of thousands of innocent people. Ian Duncan Smith and the rest of them need dealing with in an international court of human rights, and charged with genocide. Bring back Albert Pierrepoint for the result!

  2. Liz Douglas says:

    @RevolutionBreeze Sue Jones blogs extensively on all of the aspects of benefits and disability https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2018/10/20/my-response-to-brandon-lewis-when-he-invited-me-to-support-the-conservatives/?c=48211#comment-48211
    along with @CharlotteHughes71 both brilliant WordPress bloggers Charlottes blog is called On The Poor Side of Life well worth a look both on fb and twitter https://thepoorsideof.life/2018/08/30/cant-cope-with-monthly-universal-credit-payments-tough-havent-recieved-a-payment-for-eight-weeks-universal-credit-strikes-again/

  3. The DWP people have said I am fit for work so they have taken my car of me and also taken my care allows of me to , I am a very sick lady I have cancer I have diabetes I have kidney failure I have grout in both feet I have no felling in both legs I have artiste all over my body and I also have AF to my heart and I can not see out of one eye to but they gave the same money I was on to a lady not from this country who has the same as me AF to her heart and she get it all but I do not and said I will get better no way.

    1. Rach Dredd says:

      I don’t see your point about a lady from another country getting something you aren’t. I find that difficult to believe. No one is getting what they are entitled to.

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