Nick Clegg: The stubborn stain on the U-bend

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has a new non-job at Facebook, ‘vice-president of global affairs and communications.’

Nick Clegg

Obviously, Clegg’s arrangement with Facebook is a dionanistic(1) partnership.  Facebook is pretending to exercise cooperation with the British establishment in order to lessen government interference in Facebook’s operations in the UK and Clegg pockets a hefty annual fee while raising his raggèd profile.  Neither partner in the arrangement could convince anyone of the veracity of the illusion of Clegg being qualified or able to do the job, whatever the job is.

Prior to the 2010 general election, as Labour’s incessant rightward tendency under Gordon Brown alienated many potential Labour voters, Nick Clegg lied brazenly about his party’s intent by claiming that the Liberal Democrats were to the left of Labour; the blatant lie conned enough people to allow a Tory/LibDem government as he and his party teamed up obsequiously with the Tories immediately after the election.

Tories are Tories and anyone voting Tory knows (and knew in 2010) that they are voting Tory.  But, in 2010, hundreds of thousands of people voted for what they thought was not a Tory party and got a (second) Tory party.  It was a con, fraud and anti-democratic. 

Clegg has still not paid for his gross deceit.  He should never be allowed to move on from that atrocious lie.  Nick Clegg’s single contribution to the history of British politics is one of the most despicably dishonest and consequentially devastating acts of any British politician.

Clegg’s only contribution to Britain’s political history doesn’t interest Facebook.  Zuckerberg and his colleagues saw a typical privately educated intellectually pliable establishment lackey who might help with a spot of PR.  In his public statement about his new appointment Clegg described the connection between social media and the political landscape.

Facebook is at the heart of some of the most complex and difficult questions we face as a society: the privacy of the individual; the integrity of our democratic process; the tensions between local cultures and the global internet; the balance between free speech and prohibited content; the power and concerns around artificial intelligence.”

The platitudes above are standard PR fare but the gormless twerps in British politics and British media are more likely to listen to and to re-quote the comments because they were uttered by Clegg rather than by a faceless Facebook marketing person.  That is the only reason that he got the job.

Clegg congratulated himself on his ability to misrepresent his intent and his willingness to lie brazenly: “Throughout my public life I have relished grappling with difficult and controversial issues and seeking to communicate them to others. I hope to use some of those skills in my new role.”

The desperate centrist media were quick to celebrate Clegg’s new role.  In Rajan on Clegg BBC’s Amol Rajan gushed like Nicholas Witchell announcing a royal birth.  His only reference to Clegg’s criminal lie was a comment about tuition fees: “He became the embodiment of student anger of tuition fees.”  Rajan was much more concerned that Clegg’s tenure as a conspiratorial Tory gimp had been a “bruising experience” for Clegg.

Rajan quoted Clegg saying I’m 51, and part of that generation of politicians – Osborne, Cameron, Danny Alexander, the Milibands – where you have to reinvent yourself.”  Reinvent” means “develop a different set of lies.”

The Guardian gave Clegg a platform for more vacuous self-promotion.  In Clegg in Guardian he mentioned Brexit: It is unthinkable that statesmen and stateswomen of the past would have placed our country in such a weak position.”  He actually said that.  With a straight face.  “Of the past.”

Clegg claimed that 

Since the referendum, I have devoted my energies to making the case – often in uncompromising terms unavailable to those still in office – for a rethink of what I believe may turn out to be the greatest act of self-harm committed by a mature democracy.”

He must have been “devoting his energies” quietly.  Amol Rajan made the observation that Clegg “has been a ferocious campaigner against Brexit.”  When and where?  A few jollies to Brussels and well-paid columns in newspapers were not “ferocious campaigning.”

Since the people of Sheffield kicked him out with jeers in 2017 Clegg sat on his Westminster School arse raking in tax-payers’ money via the ex-deputy PM stipend while his agent tried to find him a highly paid illusory consultancy post.  As soon as such a post was attained, Clegg decided to bugger off.

In his post-appointment statements and interviews Clegg and his media fanboys made several references to liberal attitudes and values and tried to compare such values of Clegg and Facebook.  However, in the week that his appointment was announced, Facebook closed hundreds of well-established left-wing accounts and groups, without prior warning.  Clegg’s values are the values instilled in him at one of the top private schools in England and then via the Tory political establishment.  There is nothing ‘liberal’ about Clegg.

(1) dionanistic adj. Applied to two people or two institutions, mutually and closely supportive, conspiratorial and mutually beneficial


Nick Clegg: The stubborn stain on the U-bend

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