Remembrance Day: Hypocrisy of Tories and royals

Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. 

Wilfred Owen

Millions of working-class people from around the world were killed in the war.  It was a battle for dominance between capitalist empires in Europe to see who could gain an upper hand to be able to exploit the most people; it was also a squabble between members of an incestuous royal family.  There was no other point to the war.

  • No land was gained by either side at the war’s end.
  • A generation of young men were slaughtered.
  • Millions of pounds, francs and marks were wasted on destruction.

After the war capitalist economies collapsed.  (Russia took a different route economically and also rid itself of its royals.)

One hundred years later, politicians in the war’s participating countries are commemorating the armistice.  Of course, it is entirely correct that prime ministers, presidents and royals would observe remembrance; however, there is clear hypocrisy between the words they speak on Remembrance Day and their actions and inactions elsewhere and at other times.

In Britain, the Tories are blissfully and cruelly continuing their Social Murder policies.  These policies impact the harshest on people with disabilities – physical and mental – and have had devastating and fatal consequences.  Many military veterans have physical disabilities resulting from combat and many have residual mental health issues.  The constant attacks by the Tories on the income and support for military veterans has directly caused many deaths and thousands are homeless.  The Tories couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile, the Tories’ gleeful support for the arms industry has encouraged them to broker deals with tyrants like Bin Salman of the Saudi royal family whose air force carpet bombs Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure every day using planes supplied by British manufacturers in deals arranged by Theresa May, pilots trained in Britain and expertise provided by British military advisers in Saudi Arabia.  Theresa May has a personal interest in promoting war because her husband Philip has multi-million pound investments with arms manufacturers.

The British royal family infests the global arms machine via multitudinous investments.  War is lucrative for the Windsors, as it was for their ancestors in World War I.  Prince Andrew is a veteran arms dealer with an acute aversion to morality.  He dances to any tune from any despot or authoritarian regime if paid enough.

Prince Andrew and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev

The words uttered by Tory politicians and by royals today are worse than hollow.  Not only do they not mean anything that they say but they perceive Remembrance Day as an opportunity for celebration of militaristic philosophy.  The Tories and the royals are not remembering the soldiers and civilians who died, they are partaking in a marketing stunt for future armed conflict and they are salivating at the thought of all the money they can make out of that.

Remembrance Day: Hypocrisy of Tories and royals

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