Theresa May lost a confidence vote

Yesterday Theresa May lost a vote of confidence in her right to be Prime Minister.

200 MPs voted in favour.
450 MPs did not vote in favour.

Despite the abject defeat, Theresa May will continue as Prime Minister.  

It is a mockery of democracy that a Prime Minister is allowed a mandate to continue when more than two-thirds of elected representatives did not vote for her to have that mandate.  However, the apparent legality of the continuation of her tenure as Prime Minister after such a heavy defeat is typical of the faux democracy in Britain where an unelected head of state, an unelected second chamber – the House of Lords – and the Supreme Court can interfere with the decisions of an elected government.

The British system of government is intrinsically opposed to real democracy.  It is a con, a subterfuge and a sham.  The sooner it is removed the better.

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Theresa May lost a confidence vote

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