What did Jeremy Corbyn say at PMQs?

It is alleged that Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a “stupid woman” in parliament today during Prime Minister’s Evasions.

However, if you look carefully at the video clip you will see that what Mr. Corbyn said was:

“Stupid, lying, thieving, murdering, racist, corrupt piece of Tory excrement, who is destroying public service infrastructure for the benefit of privateer vultures who are regular donors to the Tory party like G4S, who is overseeing the dismantling of the NHS and the siphoning of money supposedly for health into grubby grasping hands of fake healthcare businesses like Virgin, who is dismantling the provision of welfare leading deliberately to destitution, debt, homelessness and death particularly for people with disabilities via the Tories’ Social Murder policy, who regularly uses racism as a tool of division including destroying the lives of British citizens who are part of the Windrush generation, who has removed legal aid to stop people with little money from challenging those who have a lot of money, who has removed workers’ rights and union rights to allow exploitative employers to reduce wages, worsen working conditions and remove job security, who stole thousands of pounds of pensions from women, who has made huge cuts to policing leading to consequential rise in unsolved crime, who acts as an arms broker in deals with mass murderers like Bin Salman, who fully supports antisemitic authoritarian dictator Viktor Orban, who seeks a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit that suits disaster capitalists, who continues to enable billions of unpaid taxes to go unpaid as the wealthiest tax-dodgers keep on tax-dodging, whose parliamentary party is full of corrupt gimps of wealth terrorists, whose husband makes millions out of the consequences of her decisions, who evades every question put to her by opposition MPs or by the media, who lies persistently and relentlessly every time she opens her mouth, who laughs her head off in parliament whenever opposition MPs highlight the devastating effects of Tory policy on people’s lives, who is a snivelling little coward and who has the personality of an assassin of children.”

That is what I think he said.

What did Jeremy Corbyn say at PMQs?

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