Queen’s Christmas message: A con

The monarch’s Christmas message for Britain and the Commonwealth was broadcast on December 25th (2018).  It was a flat speech phoned in from an alternate reality.

She spoke supportively about the Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth itself.  ‘Commonwealth’ is a deceptive description.  Britain stole the wealth of the former colonies and, for many such countries, British businesses continue to steal wealth.  In the countries from where British businesses don’t steal wealth the indigenous population are robbed by settler governments – Australia, New Zealand, Canada.  ‘Common wealth’ is a thief’s term to describe someone else’s wealth that the thief has stolen.

Within her comments about the Commonwealth Games she said

Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding.”

That is, a beneficiary of robbery demanded that victims respect perpetrators.  

Her remarks above were also a thinly veiled reference to heated debate about Brexit.  The queen does not want Brexit to be debated or challenged.  She wants everyone to just talk politely about it and to allow the disaster capitalists and market gamblers to prepare for a massive windfall for themselves via a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit while the vast majority of the population see their livelihoods decimated.  The queen is, of course, set up for a billion pound Brexit bonanza via a variety of dubious investments in offshore accounts.

The queen’s promotion of the Commonwealth was intended as a ruse to suggest that Britain needn’t bother with Europe because there’s another league of nations waiting to provide the UK with great trade deals.  That argument, similar to the dross espoused by hardline no-deal supporters like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan, is drivel.  Current Commonwealth countries are much more likely to forge trade deals with the EU than with Britain.

A racist brextremist (left) shakes the queen’s hand

The vacuous, drab Christmas monologue from the monarch had one message in it (quoted above) that displayed her commitment to the ephemeral remnants of colonialism and her willingness to partake in the Brextremists’ scam.  It was a con, delivered in opulence.

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Queen’s Christmas message: A con

One thought on “Queen’s Christmas message: A con

  1. I agree with everything.

    Except for one thing. “Commonwealth” is a term reaching back 800 years or more, and actually refers to assets held in common, by the native populace. It wasn’t even the first term stolen by the ruling classes.

    La propriété, c’est le vol ! – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 😀

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