Battle of Westminster

A Tory MP, a centrist activist and a far-right twerp walked down a street.  The far-right twerp and his friends emitted barely coherent babble and shouted random insults, the centrist smiled nonchalantly and the Tory MP pleaded with police officers to rid her of the tiresome attention.  It was an odd little pantomime.

“I can haz cheesebuger”

The far-right twerps had decided to act out harassment of the Tory MP because she had claimed that she is not fully committed to Brexit.  Their leader, a grifter called James Goddard, is a dim soundbite generator whose aim is to self-publicise in order to raise revenue for himself via donations from abject idiots.  He is following the income raising technique of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.  The far-right twerps were inspired by Tory policy and Tory rhetoric.

The Tory MP, Anna Soubry, had chosen to invent herself as a Tory rebel re. parliamentary votes on Brexit except that she always relents and votes with the government.  Her track record on other non-Brexit votes aligns her with all of the nasty, corrupt policies of the Tories.  She is no rebel.  Her complaints, to the police and later to a sympathetic media, about the behaviour of the far-right twerps failed to mention her support in parliament for policies that encouraged a far-right perspective.  

The professional centrist acted out his role with ease.  At an earlier encounter he had arrived with popcorn as a nod to the viewing public.  He doesn’t need to raise funds because he is part of the Progress machine.

After the pantomime came the review of the performance.  Apparently, what happened to a Tory MP is so significant that the whole of civilisation is threatened.  That’s a Tory MP who has contributed to thousands of deaths via votes in favour of Tory Social Murder policies and who has more faces than Big Ben seen through a kaleidoscope.  

Hordes of enraged and outraged right-wing dipsticks and centrist buffoons demanded action from the police and whinged on about the decline of polite political discourse.  Tories, who are KILLING people, want polite civil discourse.  

The far-right twerps are filth; they have been encouraged and emboldened by Tory filth like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Norman Tebbit.  Racist acts and words from Theresa May have given the far-right filth much confidence.  But, the Tories displayed their lack of integrity by blaming John McDonnell for Soubry’s distress. 


Ex-Sun Managing Editor Stig Abell blamed social media for the tone of the Westminster encounters.  He didn’t blame the angry rabble-rousing racist rhetoric of newspapers like, for example, The Sun.


Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn will be subjected to a barrage of abuse and slander thrown at him by Tory Bratboys next time he speaks in parliament, including abuse and slander from James Cleverly; The Sun, Daily Mail, Times and Express will continue to rile people with false stories about immigrants; Theresa May will laugh her head off when opposition MPs talk about the effects of Tory Social Murder policy; the BBC will continue to give platforms to right-wing bigots, in the interests of balance.

But will Anna Soubry be able to walk a few yards down a street on live TV without interference?  If she could she might not be on the TV and she does love being on TV.

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Battle of Westminster

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