People’s Vote determined to stop a general election


People’s Vote (PV) and its umbrella group Progress know that the result of the vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal today will be a huge loss for her and that, consequently, Jeremy Corbyn may seek a no confidence vote in the government to force a general election.  

(Update: May lost the vote and Corbyn immediately called for a no confidence vote.)

The least favoured outcome of Brexit for PV and Progress is a Corbyn-led Labour (or coalition) government.  Any scenario is preferred by them to Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and John McDonnell as Chancellor.  Their opposition to socialism trumps all other concerns.

In the days immediately prior to the pointless parliamentary vote on Theresa May’s dead-on-arrival Brexit deal the PV machine has been very busy promoting its demand for a second referendum on membership of the EU.  Alongside Femi Oluwole’s skill at finding a TV camera on the streets and Chuka Umunna’s safe seat in the Newsnight studio, PV delivered hundreds of thousands of leaflets to residents and used social media’s advertising and promotion tools (including promoted tweets on twitter) to force its message.  The source of funding for the PV’s promotion of a second referendum is as transparent as the funding for Progress.

Progress, PV and the centre of British politics are scared.  They observe the Tories collapsing in on themselves and they know that whatever happens on March 29th, or not, a general election is an increasing possibility.  A looming no confidence vote and, therefore, an earlier general election, has terrified the anti-socialists in the centre and galvanised them to ramp up their campaign for a second referendum.

The campaign for a second referendum is a false campaign.  The promoters of it have no reason to assume that the result of a second referendum would differ from the first.  Their arguments (below) that the result could have changed do not resist scrutiny.  

PV claim: Unscrupulous and illegal funding of leave campaign

Nothing has been proven regarding possible wrongdoing.  Even if true, it is an insult to leave voters to suggest their decision to support leave was not their own.

PV claim: Chaos of departure has highlighted intrinsic problems with Brexit  

Yes, there are many intrinsic problems with Brexit but the current chaos is down to Tory incompetence.  Also, leave voters expected some chaos and disruption.

PV claim: People didn’t vote for no deal

Remain and Leave voters voted in a referendum where they assumed the two options were to stay or to leave.  The deal or not of departure was not under consideration in the first referendum.

PV claim: Brexit (deal or not) will hit poorest hardest

The statement is true but that is because there is currently a Tory government who will ensure that the poorest pay for insurance for the wealthiest against Brexit consequences.  People are dying in the streets due to current Tory policy that has nothing to do with Brexit. 

PV claim: The result of a second referendum will be different to the first

There is no reason to assume that the result would be different.  

The foundation for believing that a second referendum would produce a different result is spurious.  The legitimacy for a second referendum is nebulous.  The focus of People’s Vote is to avoid a general election that elects Corbyn.  A second referendum would disrupt the possibility of a general election and that is why PV exists.  The current increase in (costly) campaigning by PV is driven by fear that one of the immediate consequences of May’s failure in the vote this evening could be a general election.

The People’s Vote campaign is invalid and insincere.  This Progress subgroup exists to thwart socialism. 

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People’s Vote determined to stop a general election

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