Venezuela: Pick A Side (part 3): Oil


Venezuela’s oil reserves are the largest in the world.  

Oil companies and their corporate associates think they have an opportunity to get their grubby criminal hands on the wealth of Venezuela.  The presidents in Palácio da Alvorada and in the White House are extremely unscrupulous and pliable servants of financial gangsterism whose every decision is designed to suit the small elite of wealth terrorists.  Bolsonaro and Trump have said they would be willing to use all available options to remove the democratically elected government of Venezuela including the use of severe economic sanctions, theft of payments for Venezuelan oil and military force.

Everything said by Trump, Bolsonaro and their respective colleagues about Venezuela  has the single objective of assisting the theft of wealth that can be generated by the country’s oil reserves.

Everybody else picks which side they are on.  There are two opposing options.

  • Support oil theft by financial gangsters
  • Support the Venezuelan people

Those are the only two options.  There is no compromise option, there is no middle option, there is no mealy-mouthed duplicitous liberal option.  

Anyone who states that they support the self-appointed fake president Guaido and, simultaneously, states that they disapprove of Trump or Bolsonaro’s aggressive rhetoric is a con artist.  

Pick a side.  The two sides – the only two options – are in direct opposition.  

Recommended reading
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

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Venezuela: Pick A Side (part 3): Oil

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