A man is bribed but a Mann is offered a financial incentive.

Theresa May is still pretending to try to get a majority in parliament for her EU Withdrawal Bill.  She has encountered difficulties when trying to please alleged Tory remainers and extremist no-dealers simultaneously.

To help the progress (no pun) of the Bill through parliament May needs some votes from beyond the cesspit of the Tory party and DUP.  Fortunately for her, some of the Progress mob are driven by venality not ideology.

Fourteen “Labour” MPs voted against an amendment proposed by Yvette Cooper that would have disallowed a no-deal Brexit.  They do not oppose ideologically the details of Cooper’s intent.  They wanted to advertise their availability for persuasion.

John Mann during the panto season

John Mann, a Progress veteran who is vehemently opposed to socialism and to Jeremy Corbyn and with a history of pantomime behaviour (see photo above), has been the most eager to prostitute himself to the Tories.  In an interview on BBC news he said

What is going on is some good dialogue I can tell you that.  I’m hoping and anticipating the Prime Minister will come back with something significant.  If she does, the chances of Labour MP’s from those Leave areas who don’t want a referendum, voting for her deal, I would say undoubtedly goes up.  So I think it’s inevitable that the political arithmetic says that she will come back with something significant, but it’s also what she said when she became Prime Minister.  So we’re simply saying to her that’s what you said, show us the money.  It’s not a bribe at all, you see I voted Brexit and I’ve voted for the deal already.  So I can’t be bribed, it’s about ensuring that we get the best for our area.”

The “best for our area” would be a Labour government.  John Mann doesn’t care what is best for his constituency or for anywhere else.  He wants to fool his constituents.  He thinks his constituents should believe promises from a prime minister who has no concept of honesty and who has no integrity.  Even Tory MPs know that her word is worthless.

Mann thinks Tory promises of investment in his constituency will aid his victory in the next general election as the voters rush to thank him but he is certain to be deselected as a Labour candidate before then.  

Mann’s primary motivation for his antics is his determination to do anything to disrupt the possibility of a Corbyn-led Labour government.

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A man is bribed but a Mann is offered a financial incentive.

3 thoughts on “A man is bribed but a Mann is offered a financial incentive.

  1. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating! and commented:
    Mann is nothing but fart stain.
    The sooner this Tory is deselected and can no longer pretend to be a Labour MP acting on behalf of the many, the sooner his constituency will realise their folly in voting for him in the first place.

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