Fraudulent Tories blame EU for disastrous no-deal Brexit

Britain is heading to a disastrous cliff-fall no-deal Brexit. 

The effects, short-term and long-term, will be catastrophic for the majority of people in Britain. 

Immediately, there will be huge increases in prices of basic foodstuffs, shortages of some foods and medicines and hundreds of thousands of job losses as businesses relocate outside the UK.  

If the Tories remain in power after Brexit then complete departure from the EU will lead to cancellation of all workers’ rights, health and safety regulations, food safety regulations, access to justice and free speech.

The winners of a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit will be disaster capitalists, exploitative businesses who will take advantage of the lack of workers’ rights and food safety regulations, privateer vultures who will vacuum up the remnants of public services, and, for a brief time, currency gamblers and market gamblers. 

The other winners will be the employees of the above: Tory MPs, Tory lords, think-tank voices and newspaper proprietors.

Theresa May pretends to not support a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit but she would be entirely happy with that scenario.  Everything she does or says regarding a so-called withdrawal deal is a pantomime.  She would benefit personally from no-deal via her and her husband’s investments. 

The Tory MPs who admit to supporting no-deal – for example, Dominic Raab, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg – know how disastrous it would be for the British people.  The MPs also know how much they will benefit from it via their corporate connections.

Tories are intrinsically too cowardly to take the blame for their actions.  They have had cowardice inculcated into their personalities at some of the best private schools in Britain.  

Who can they blame – now, immediately after Brexit and for years afterward – for the chaos and dramatic drop in living standards that will be consequences of a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit?

The easiest con trick is to blame the EU.  

Dominic Raab in ITV News interview: “If the EU is willing to show the pragmatism, flexibility we’ve shown there’s a deal to be done but if they keep taking an intransigent approach, a stubborn approach, a computer-says-no approach then we’ll leave on 29th March on WTO.” 

Daily Express via Brussel correspondent Joe Barnes: “Brussels leaders have left themselves on the brink of diplomatic disaster as Britain hurtles towards a hard Brexit while officials overlook proceedings from their ivory towers simply twiddling thumbs – and it all could have been avoided.”

David Davis on LBC: “The EU have a lot more to lose than we have. There will be pressure on them to come back to the table.”

False negotiation
Tories and their friends think that they can glibly attach all blame to the EU by claiming that the Tory government wants to negotiate. 

The only change May is offering the EU is to ask for something that will not be given and that she knows will not be given: A change to the status of the land border in Ireland via a change to the definition of the “backstop.”  A wholly undefined change to the backstop is the con that May is pretending to try to negotiate with the EU to perpetuate the lie that it is the EU who are intransigent.

Kwasi Kwarteng, Brexit minister, on BBC News: “Sabine Weyand, who is the deputy chief negotiator, said on Monday that she is open to alternative arrangements. We are going to have to have discussion and negotiation about what those arrangement in Northern Ireland will be, but clear there is room for a compromise.”

Stephen Barclay, Brexit Secretary, on BBC Radio 4 Today show: “What we saw in the vote last was a clear mandate to take back to Europe to say this is what parliament will support.  What came through in the previous debate is that there is a central concern on the backstop.  It was a vote on the deal if this central concern can be addressed.”

Brexit Secretary carries an empty file

As has been true throughout the Brexit “negotiations” (and true of the Tories in general) everything said or done by May and her cronies is part of a pantomime and a con.  The ministers offering fake negotiation, with no substance whatsoever, have exactly the same objective as the extremist no-deal supporters: Blame the EU for no-deal.  




Fraudulent Tories blame EU for disastrous no-deal Brexit

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