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Turning Point UK, not to be confused with the charity of the same name, is a partner of Turning Point USA. 

Turning Point USA (TPUSA)
TPUSA is a far-right Trump-supporting lobby group that focuses on campaigning for the removal of vital facets of society including public services, workers’ rights, access to healthcare and access to justice. 

TPUSA promotes all the usual far-right nonsense, partly as distraction and partly as divisive tactics, including (among others) climate change denial, anti-abortion, anti-transgender, anti universal healthcare and anti-immigration, and it is comfortable being shamelessly racist and prejudiced.  Its mode of operation is to be relentlessly childish and provocative. 

It targets opponents by trying to censor them via encouragement of threats against them such as its notorious Professor Watchlist

A guide to TPUSA’s political position was provided by who was on the list of speakers for its ‘Action Summit’ in December last year (2018):

Wall of arseholes

Turning Point UK (TPUK)
TPUK‘s stated intent is to “organise individuals in a manner conducive to changing the culture at university and in the public sphere and educate young people on ideas consistently ignored or marginalised by mainstream education.”  In practice, that means trying to shut down education, acquirement of knowledge and critical thinking; it means disruption of teaching and censorship of radical analysis; it means dumbing down all debate; it means persistent lies and misdirection; it means abuse directed at academics and learnéd experts.

TPUK uses the words “grassroots” and “freedom” fraudulently.  Its protagonists are professional lobbyists from right-wing pro-Brexit groups and far-right news sites; there is nothing “grassroots” about TPUK.  By “freedom” it means the “freedom” to stamp on everyone else’s freedom via a survival of the fittest philosophy.

TPUK’s reason for its existence is to stop, reverse and destroy positive achievements of socialist thinking.  Any fiscal decision that improves people’s lives is abhorred by TPUK.  It claims it believes in “small government” but, like all economically far-right lobby groups, it means it wants no control over economic libertarians exploiting the majority of the people.

TPUK claims it believes in “personal responsibility.”  Coupled with its “small government” demand, this means in a TPUK dystopia if anyone is ill, disabled or loses their job then they are dumped in the gutter.  It means an absence of workers’ rights, access to justice and health and safety regulations; it means economic lawlessness.

The desires of TPUK are already realised in Britain due to Tory policy over the last nine years.  There is rapidly increasing homelessness and destitution, particularly for people with chronic illnesses or with disabilities, as a direct consequence of vicious cuts to welfare provision, legal aid has all but disappeared, huge cuts to police and fire service have jeopardised people’s lives and the NHS is being deliberately destroyed by the Tories and given away to privateer vultures.

A cliff-fall no-deal Brexit is looming, fully supported by the Tory government, like a final kick in the stomach of a dying man.  Such an abrupt departure of the EU will be a windfall for disaster capitalists and market gamblers including the employers of the mob that populates TPUK.

In universities, TPUK wants the dissemination of knowledge, facts and intelligence to be replaced by propaganda and promotion of prejudices and bigotry.  The Tory Universities Minister Sam Gyimah prepared the ground to help far-right voices acquire platforms by forcing universities to host them via the Tories’ fake student organisation Office For Students.  

TPUK people
Among its list of deplorables are former Guido news site contributor Tom Harwood (update: Harwood is no longer at TPUK), veteran of many inter-linked but separate-for-funding-purposes Brexit campaign groups Darren Grimes, and George Farmer who is a good friend of extremist, racist, white supremacist conspiracy theorists at Infowars.  (Coincidently, Farmer’s father is a generous donor to the Tory party.)  

These are not “grassroots” activists.  They are experienced con artists, purveyors of offensive bigotry and prejudice and unpleasant abusive yobs.  It is neither possible nor advisable to debate with them because they spout a deluge of lies sprinkled with abuse, ludicrous whataboutery, absurd anti-didactic narrative and childish provocation.

TPUK blogs
The website is slim at present (February 4th 2019).  It includes a few bizarre blogs. 

Daniel Mcilhiney’s Does capitalism benefit students? should have been delivered from a pulpit with choruses of hallelujahs as the TPUK disciples prostrated themselves on the cold stone floor.  Its arguments were rancid but its stupidity, lack of logic and immeasurable contradictions were deliberate: The purpose was not to inform, educate or contribute to a debate; the purpose was to preach brainlessly and verbosely in order to dull the receptive cerebral processes of the congregation.

Some of Mcilhiney’s terminology was interesting.  He implied that capitalism is aligned with a particular faith or faiths.

The very fact that we have that potential to earn more than our parents or more than our contemporaries is down to capitalism and the Judea-Christian values of freedom on which the ideology is built.”

He viewed society as winners and losers.

The potential to ‘win’ and the potential to ‘lose’ is what causes a society to flourish and an individual to feel fulfilled; without it we can only hope to achieve societal mediocrity and personal apathy.  This desire to achieve is the same desire that drives capitalism.”

Mcilhiney repeatedly expressed his support for the high cost of education for students, partly as a deterrent to dissuade people from going to university.

With more people entering universities we would see fewer people becoming plumbers, electricians and service-workers, all of which are absolutely essential for society; not only that but we would see a massive decrease in innovators and entrepreneurs who historically are rarely university educated.”

Or, would we see higher wages for service-workers?  How did he deduce that innovators or entrepreneurs are rarely university educated?  It seems clear that Mcilhiney does not approve of university education at all. 

He extolled capitalism as a “meritocracy.”

It [capitalism] gives you the agency of choice.  It gives you the ability to succeed and to thrive in a field of your choice based upon your own merit. The simple truth is that societies that do not operate on a capitalist model remove these two things, choice and merit, from the vast majority of the society (although rarely the leader or their immediate family), which restricts an individual’s ability to innovate, thrive and develop.”

A translation of the above from gobbledygook to English is that, under capitalism, an elite few can succeed at the expense of everyone else and, apparently, the only alternative to capitalism is a George Orwell dystopia of drones.

Mcilhiney’s awful blog indicated that TPUK will be equally moronic and offensive, by design.

TPUK is an ugly anti-human libertarian propaganda machine designed to con and to obfuscate. 

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Turning Point UK

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