Revoke Theresa May’s British citizenship

Yet again, Tory leader Theresa May showed utter contempt for parliament and for the British people by postponing the meaningful vote in parliament on Brexit.  The government is legally obliged to allow the vote.

(Update: March 12th: Meaningful vote held in parliament; May defeated by 149 votes)

A further postponement of the oft-delayed meaningful vote on Brexit is part of May’s strategy to dodge progress on a negotiated withdrawal deal from the EU so that Britain crashes into a cliff-fall no-deal Brexit. 

Such an abrupt and unconditional departure would suit disaster capitalists and the vultures waiting to grab what is left of public service infrastructure in Britain.  It would suit exploitative businesses who would welcome the end of workers’ rights, the end of health and safety regulations and the end of food standards regulations.

Capita Group
One of the main players in disaster capitalism is international crime syndicate Capita Group.  Whenever there is war or any other man-made disaster there is money to be made by the most despicable elements in the capitalist machine and Capita is always at the heart of such money-making, taking a cut.  

A no-deal Brexit would be a bonanza for tax-dodgers due to the avoidance (no pun) of EU rules on tax havens.  All of Capita’s clients, and the companies in which it has investments, are multi-million pound tax dodgers.

Capita needs good contacts in or with governments.  For example, its Relationship Manager is Philip May, husband of Theresa May.  If no-deal Brexit were to be lucrative for Capita’s clients, and, thus, for Capita itself, then Philip May would be rewarded very handsomely.

Every step May has taken throughout the Tories’ strategy toward Brexit was designed to lead to a scenario where disaster capitalists and tax avoiders can expect huge windfalls at the expense of everyone else. 

A strong and stable business arrangement: May and Capita

May versus the British people
During the process of Brexit, May was found in contempt of parliament, cancelled or postponed parliamentary votes in violation of legal requirements, lied to parliament, lied to MPs in her party, lied to opposition MPs, lied to the public and lied to the head of state.  She treated meetings with representatives of the EU with disdain and with no preparation or plan.

Social Murder policy, privatisation of the NHS and other vital public services, huge cuts to police numbers, chronic housing shortage, rise in pension age for women, closure of public facilities including libraries, imposition of fracking on communities and refusing to tackle tax avoidance are a few examples of Tory policies that act against the British people to favour a few wealthy capitalists.  

Austerity, started by David Cameron and intensified by May, has been devastating for millions of people.  It has destroyed livelihoods, lives and communities.  Its effects will last years.  Like privatisation and cliff-fall no-deal, austerity is a policy designed and operated to feed a few wealthy capitalists.

May always acts against the interests of the British people.  

Revoke May’s citizenship
Earlier this week, May’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid revoked the British citizenship of ISIS member Shamina Begum.  Javid set the precedent for removing the British citizenship of someone who has helped a terrorist organisation to take actions that led to deaths of British people.

May has worked on behalf of organisations whose actions have cost more British lives than the actions of ISIS have.  If May is allowed to remain (no pun intended) in Britain many more lives will be lost, many more livelihoods will be destroyed and the entire public service infrastructure will be stolen.  The argument to remove May’s citizenship, to protect the lives of British people and as a deterrent to others, is stronger than the argument to remove Begum’s citizenship.

Revoke Theresa May’s citizenship.


Revoke Theresa May’s British citizenship

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