The Last Leg wants to humanise Amber Rudd

Channel 4’s satire/slapstick/chat show The Last Leg attained nominative determinism, unironically, several series ago but the show’s presenters, writers and producers persist with their objective of stupefying political satire.

On the most recent show (Friday 1st March) the presenters issued an invitation to Tory chief of Social Murder Amber Rudd to appear on the show.  Rudd acknowledged the invitation but has yet to confirm whether she will accept it.

The purpose of Rudd’s invitation to appear on The Last Leg is not to do the following

  • Attack her for her full unconditional support for Social Murder via her administration of Universal Credit
  • Expose her constant lies, misdirection and obfuscation regarding the effects of Universal Credit
  • Expose her multi million pound tax-dodging and bill-dodging via convenient bankruptcies prior to her political career
  • Publicise and criticise her commitment to the Tories’ racist policy against the Windrush generation when she was Home Secretary

The Last Leg’s presenters and producers intend to avoid an honest discussion on the effects of Social Murder, effects that have been felt the most severe by people with disabilities, and they intend to avoid an honest discussion on the devastating effects on livelihoods and lives of those affected by the removal of British citizenship for the Windrush generation.  

Humanise the enemies of humanity
The purpose of Rudd’s invitation to appear on The Last Leg is to humanise her.  

The Tories are defecating in the faces of the majority of the British people while laughing their heads off.  Any TV or radio show that includes a Tory in a light entertainment scenario is laughing along with them.  A faux interview with a character like Rudd, interspersed with knockabout comedy, is unsuitable and offensive.  

The Last Leg’s protagonists know that its TV viewers are aware of how Universal Credit, benefit cuts, bedroom tax and benefit sanctions have caused thousands of deaths and that people with disabilities and people with chronic illnesses have been hit hardest.  Rudd’s political image is accurate: A typical thieving, heartless, dishonest, venal Tory who doesn’t notice the bodies piling up and the livelihoods destroyed.  The Last Leg’s invitation to her to appear on the show is an attempt to alter that image.

Criticising a Friday evening light entertainment show is not trivial if the intent of the show is to provide a PR platform for someone who has repeatedly shown utter disdain for humanity.  If a comedy show is comfortable with providing such a platform then it is party to normalisation of anti-humanity behaviour.  

A mass Social Murderer does not deserve to be humanised.  A relentless liar about the effect of vicious government policy does not deserve to be humanised.  A glib functionary of the racist citizenship policy against the Windrush generation does not deserve to be humanised. 

Run of the melt
Run of the melt comedy is rampant on British TV.  Flat, predictable comedy is a consequence of the coalescence of careerism and limited wit aided by TV executives’ aversion to invention and to risk.  It is safe. 

Mock The Week pushed out its only inventive comedian, Frankie Boyle, because he didn’t stay safe, Stewart Lee’s TV series was cancelled because he was too intellectual for the safists, Have I Got News For You – a factor in the creation of Boris Johnson’s wacky persona – enjoys the comfort blanket of comedy actor luvvies as presenters, and careful comedy trundlers like Josh Widdicombe, Matt Forde and Jon Richardson have their own series while the brilliant Janey Godley doesn’t.

The Last Leg’s Josh Widdicombe displayed his intellectual prowess on BBC’s This Week

In Britain, popular post-watershed comedy is intellectually and emotionally catatonic. 

A consequence of focussing on safe comedy is that its perpetrators erase the crimes of extremists by indulging in chatty smiley encounters with them; a few mild barbed comments are the extent of the verbal challenge handed to disreputable guests.

Nothing is exempt from comedic observation or satire but humanising those responsible for thousands of deaths, while they continue to cause more deaths, is unacceptable.

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run of the melt adj. Adequate but unimpressive, applied to the talent of a melt working in the arts or show business
melt n. Centrist who is disproportionately critical of left-wing politics

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The Last Leg wants to humanise Amber Rudd

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