Bercow endorsed democracy theft when he allowed Independent Group amendment

Today, there were several votes in the House of Commons related to Brexit.  An amendment to one bill was tabled by a member of private company Independent Group (TIG).  Most of the supporting signatories of the amendment were members of TIG – the exception was Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake.

The amendment will be voted down.

The eleven members of TIG occupy seats in parliament they stole from voters in their respective former constituencies.  They are democracy thieves.  Their collective refusal to call by-elections is also an act of cowardice.  Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow’s decision to allow the TIG amendment to be debated and voted upon in parliament was an act against democracy. 

Bercow did not have to accept the amendment – he rejected a different amendment to the same bill.  There are several reasons why the Speaker can justify the rejection of an amendment to any bill.  However, he did not think that he could find a reason to reject an amendment from a private company whose members are stealing parliamentary seats.

The presence of the TIGgers in parliamentary exposed British democracy as a farce.  Bercow’s endorsement of them exposed him as not a supporter of democracy.  Bercow has defecated on democracy.

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Bercow endorsed democracy theft when he allowed Independent Group amendment

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