Change UK

Change UK is a soft conservative political party whose primary aim is to obstruct the election of a socialist government.

Eleven MPs, elected as either Labour or Tory MPs, joined Change UK without calling by-elections.  By doing so, they stole democracy from voters in their respective constituencies.  The theft of democracy by its members demonstrated the disdain Change UK has for voters.

Change UK, and the associated private business Independent Group a.k.a. Gemini A Ltd., was created to be imaginary opposition to the Tories as a ruse to take votes from real opposition parties.  It has no pretensions of winning any elections but it could acquire a small percentage of votes cast that might be sufficient to tip marginal seats in favour of the Tories rather than Labour or SNP.

The political stance of Change UK is indistinguishable from that of former Tory leader David Cameron and former Tory lap dog and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg but its objective is to con the voters into believing that its politics differ from the Tories.  This con is a popular trick of conservatism in scenarios where the traditional conservative party has become toxic.  The toxicity of Theresa May’s Tories allows Change UK to pretend to be a different animal while sticking rigidly to a pro-exploitative fiscal management of the economy.

(Arch Thatcherite and puppet of exploitative corporatism Emmanuel Macron used the same con trick in France where he succeeded in fooling the French voters.  Today, France is at war and Macron is bunkered down.)

Most of Change UK’s critical rhetoric is aimed at Labour.  The fear of socialism is the strongest aroma emanating from the members of Change UK.  Chuka Umunna, in his What Are Progressives For?, described Change UK’s objective as not being bad capitalism.  

Capitalism is dysfunctional and needs to be repurposed so it is more inclusive and responsible.”

On the other hand, according to Umunna,

Labour’s leadership has talked about rewriting the rules of British capitalism and in the past has referred admiringly to the economic approaches of, for example, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.”

Change UK uses a variety of deceptive PR terms to describe its non-politics.  Umunna banged on about “progressives” a lot in his rambling paper but the progression seemed to be just a few little tweaks to what the Tories are offering and a lot of dismissal of any radical change.  Catatonic is a more accurate word than progressive to describe the Change UK manifesto.  Umunna’s positing of “progressive” versus “regressive populism of the left” evoked a choice between Rick Wakeman’s ‘Six Wives of Henry VIII’ and Buzzcocks’ ‘Spiral Scratch’ although, conversely, it is Change UK who are “whining in the dining room.” (1)

Every word and phrase that Change UK uses to describe itself is a con.  It is a small group of witless anti-socialists whose aim is to stifle change and who are intellectually and politically bereft of usefulness.

Reservoir Dregs

(1) Lyric extract from ‘Time’s Up’ written by Howard Devoto.

Change UK

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