Euro elections: The Brexit Party and Change UK: Similarities

This year’s election for the European parliament is on a different day to any other election in the UK because Britain’s involvement wasn’t confirmed early enough to switch the date of council elections to coincide with the Euro election; coupled with the fact that the tenure of any elected British MEP might end after a few months if Brexit happens, a low turnout in Britain is certain.

However, politicians and bubble-encased media hacks are promoting the Euro election as if it is a huge event.  The prevailing presentation of this event is a Remain versus Leave grudge match.  Two recently invented parties have received plenty of free exposure by TV, radio and newspapers, one from each side of the grudge: Change UK (Remain) and The Brexit Party (Leave).  Support for Remain and for Leave is their only difference.

There are several similarities between the two inventions.

Avoidance of declaration of funding is a similarity.

  • Change UK, previously known as Independent Group, which was actually a business called Gemini A Ltd, was able to receive funding without declaration because it was a business not a party.
  • The Brexit Party has received many similar-sized donations from a similar source in USA at a value just below the minimum declarable level.

Sidestepping democracy is a similarity.

  • The MPs and councillors in Change UK left their previous parties (some from Labour and some from Tory) and sat, initially, as “independent” representatives without calling by-elections before joining Change UK, still without by-elections.
  • The Brexit Party’s main protagonist, privately educated former broker and obedient apostle of Steve Bannon, Nigel Farage, left UKIP and sat as an “independent” in the European parliament before forming/joining The Brexit Party without, at either change, calling a by-election.

Both parties were created by current politicians (elected as members of other parties).  On their respective launch dates neither party had any other members or activists.  Neither party has any localised structure, any internal democratic structure or internally elected members, any rules and regulations or any staff. 

Nigel Farage (The Brexit Party), Mike Gapes (Change UK)

In summary, both parties are a small group of experienced politicians who stole their seats from voters who voted for other parties, both have wealthy (mostly secretive) donors splurging money on them and both have had easy and underserved access to media airtime.  

Neither party would exist without Brexit.  For Remain, Change UK bleats about a second referendum; for Leave, The Brexit Party says the UK should leave the EU regardless of consequences.  That is all.  Beyond their opposite commitments to Remain and to Leave they have no other policies at all.  PR and hollow soundbites are their language.  Change UK and The Brexit Party mock democracy. 

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Euro elections: The Brexit Party and Change UK: Similarities

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