It’s getting closer

Given the increasing likelihood of a general election and a victory for a Corbyn-led government, opponents of socialism are fearful.  They express their fear with bizarre articles and speeches and with daft comments in interviews and in social media posts. 

Below is a continuously updated list of links to the most absurd anti-Corbyn comments.

N.B. The use of the word “journalist” is intended to be sarcastic.

December 2nd: Journalist Ian Dunt: Snark
December 1st: Journalist Rosa Doherty in Jewish Chronicle: Dramatic nonsense
December 1st: Broadcaster Paul Brand: Supports Johnson lie and misrepresents Chakrabarti
November 29th: Broadcaster Emily Maitlis: Stupid comparison
November 26th: Progress MP Wes Streeting: Layers of absurd misinformation and misdirection
November 25th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Absurd analysis and language
November 25th: Conservative activist Ephraim Mirvis: Dramatic libel
November 23rd: Journalist Ian Dunt: Misrepresentation and abuse
November 20th: Democracy thief Chris Leslie: Support for Tory misrepresentation of Labour tax plans
November 18th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: A lie in order to make a false point
November 18th: Journalist Ian Dunt: False equivalence of Corbyn and Johnson
November 14th: Democracy thieves Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna: Libel
November 13th: Far-right troll Roger Scruton: False comparison between Labour and Eastern Bloc
November 10th: Centre for Policy Studies’ Robert Colvile in Mail: John McDonnell will destroy Britain
November 9th: Journalist Jonathan Freedland in Guardian: Blames Labour for forcing people to vote Tory
November 7th: Shock-jock radio station editor Theo Usherwood: Fraudulent extrapolation
November 7th: Conservative newspaper editorial: Stream of libel and misrepresentation
November 7th: Journalist Phil Collins: Excuses Johnson’s nurtured racism and libels Corbyn
November 6th: Journalist Rachel Sylvester in Times: Corbyn might not want nuclear annihilation
November 6th: Journalist Rosa Doherty: Deceptive analysis to dispute general comment
November 6th: Etonian Boris Johnson: Corbyn is Stalin
November 5th: War criminal Tony Blair: Attempt to split the Labour party
November 4th: Journalist Oliver Kamm: Promotion of push-poll
November 4th: Journalist Dan Hodges in Mail: Promotion of push-poll
November 3rd: Trump’s tea-boy Michael Gove: Using a fake social media account to attack Labour
November 2nd: Political has-been Edwina Currie: Tired old anti-socialist misrepresentation
November 1st: Conservative newspaper editorial: Libel
November 1st: Anti-socialist provocateur Tracy Oberman: Incoherent libel
October 31st: Journalist Jonathan Freedland: Offensive equivalence of Johnson and Corbyn
October 31st: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Purposefully idiotic equating of Corbyn and Johnson
October 30th: Broadcaster Joe Pike: Abusive invented quote
October 27th: Unnamed Daily Mail journalist: Corbyn takes a nap on the train
October 25th: Journalist Rafael Behr: Cowardly misrepresentation
October 18th: Journalist John Harris: Basic lie about Labour’s Brexit strategy
October 17th: Progress MP Yvette Cooper: Lies, libel and misrepresentation
October 17th: Progress MP Wes Streeting: Lies, libel and misrepresentation
October 16th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Layered invention upon invention
October 16th: Democracy thief Louise Ellman: Anti-socialist rant
October 16th: Former Blair adviser Theo Bertram: Disingenuous crap
October 14th: Democracy thief Ian Austin: Stupid libellous whatabouterry
October 13th: Journalist Tim Shipman in Sunday Times: Melodramatic report of letter stunt
October 11th: Journalist Azeem Ibrahim in racist rag The Spectator: Vacuous misrepresentation
October 9th: Democracy thief John Mann: Childish threat of libel
October 7th: Journalist James Ball: Stupid fear-mongering
October 6th: Barrister Jolyon Maugham: Lies and libel used as a con-trick
October 4th: Failed Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith: Snark for no reason
October 3rd: Democracy thief Gavin Shuker: Supports no deal to stop socialism
October 2nd: Progress MP Wes Streeting: Crank left
September 30th: Blairite has-been Jack Straw: Fear of socialism
September 29th: Journalist Orlando Radice in Jewish Chronicle: Libel and apologism for war crimes
September 29th: Journalists Caroline Wheeler and Tim Shipman: Power struggle for Labour leadership
September 25th: Journalist Lee Harpin in Jewish Chronicle: Claimed “they,” when used to mean wealthy elite, meant Jewish
September 24th: Journalist Lee Harpin in Jewish Chronicle: Libellous claim that Corbyn comment about wealthy was about Jewish people
September 24th: Freelance centrist troll Will Hutton: Corbyn to blame for Johnson being PM
September 23rd: Failed Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith: False accusation of vote rigging
September 23rd: Democracy thief Chris Leslie: Anti-socialist extrapolation
September 23rd: Broadcaster Adam Boulton: Random claim of conference vote irregularities
September 23rd: Broadcaster Robert Peston: It’s just like communist China
September 22nd: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: False claims of underhand tactics
September 20th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Wild extrapolation of nonsense
September 20th: Broadcaster Lewis Goodall: Fantasising about Labour loss in GE
September 20th: Progress MP Ben Bradshaw: Audition for ham actor role
September 20th: War criminal Tony Blair: Childish insult
September 20th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: The commies are coming
September 18th: Current Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson: Drivel and dramatic language
September 18th: Failed Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith: Sarcasm and fake misunderstanding
September 8th: Journalist Sarah Baxter in Times: Equated Corbyn and Mugabe
September 7th: Democracy thief John Mann in Jewish Chronicle: Lies, libel and nonsense
September 3rd: Journalist Stephen Daisley: Libel
August 15th: Has-been David Miliband: Drivelmongering and deception
August 15th: Democracy thief Ian Austin: Mini rant of hideous tripe
August 15th: Democracy thief Chris Leslie: Robotic dishonest cliches
August 12th: Former Blair minister Roy Hattersley: Persuasion to vote Liberal Democrat
August 10th: Democracy thief Chuka Umunna: Encouraged Labour MPs to support Tories
August 9th: Progress MP Jim Fitzpatrick: Parroted misleading stats with defamatory reasons
August 6th: Broadcaster Jayne Secker: Extremely offensive equivalence
August 6th: Journalist Hannah Parkinson: Childish comment
August 2nd: Failed Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith: Weak sarcasm
August 2nd: Radio broadcaster James O’Brien: Weak sarcasm
August 1st: Reality TV star and peer Alan Sugar: Offensive abuse
July 30th: Progress MP Neil Coyle: Unwinesque garbling
July 29th: Peer and former minister in Blair government Charlie Falconer: Wistful projection back in time to alter facts
July 29th: Alastair Campbell, former adviser to Tony Blair: Pomposity and drivel
July 23rd: Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson: Snark
July 23rd: Journalist Will Hutton: Random juxtaposition of Corbyn in unrelated comment
July 17th: Influencer Ayesha Hazarika‏: Equated Corbyn and May re. racism
July 16th: TV’s Tony Robinson: Equated Corbyn with Trump
July 15th: Broadcaster Paul Brand: Say what you see
July 11th: Progress MP Darren Jones: Pretended to be shocked by trash documentary
July 11th: Uncredited reporter for Sky News: Xenophobia and nonsense
July 11th: Broadcaster Daniel Hewitt: Xenophobia and nonsense
July 10th: Democracy thief Luciana Berger: Pretended to be shocked by trash documentary
July 10th: Failed Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith: Easily persuaded to defamatory view after watching trash documentary
July 10th: Democracy thief Ian Austin: Pretended to be shocked by trash documentary
July 10th: Progress MP Yvette Cooper: Pretended to be shocked by trash documentary
July 10th: Progress MP Tom Watson: Pretended to be shocked by trash documentary
July 10th: Uncredited BBC report: Fabrication and melodramatic faux deductions
July 7th: Progress MP Alex Sobel: Libellous attack on socialist news site
July 7th: Broadcaster Beth Rigby: Selective poll assessment and general dramatic nonsense
July 7th: Journalist Michael Powell in Mail: Socialist wrote for socialist newspaper
July 6th: Journalists Brendan Carlin, Lee Harpin and Jack Maidment in Mail: Woeful lies about division in Labour shadow cabinet
July 6th: Journalist Nick Cohen in Spectator: Spectacular drivel
July 3rd: Journalist David Aaronovitch in Times: Warped mocking pseudo analysis
July 2nd: Journalist Lee Harpin in Jewish Chronicle: Whingefest and doxing
July 1st: Journalist Robert Shrimsley in Financial Times: General abuse about Corbyn’s competence
June 29th: Journalist Melissa Kite in Spectator: Personal attack on Corbyn
June 29th: Journalist David Aaronovitch: Wrongheadedness
June 29th: Journalist Lee Harpin: Lied about John McDonnell’s support for Corbyn
June 29th: Journalist Barbara Ellen in Guardian: Big salad of words
June 28th: Journalist Stephen Daisley in Spectator: Libel and nonsense
June 28th: Journalists Alice Thomson, Rachel Sylvester and Steven Swinford in Times: Called Corbyn frail
June 26th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Word salad
June 25th: Journalist Kevin Schofield in PoliticsHome: Called democratic selection a purge
June 25th: Broadcaster Michael Crick: Equated Corbyn and Johnson, stupidly
June 24th: Democracy thief Ian Austin: Encouraged Labour supporters to not campaign for Labour
June 23rd: Political activist Laura Janner-Klausner: Abuse and libel
June 23rd: Progress councillor Jack Deakin: Libel and abuse
June 22nd: Radio presenter James O’Brien: Equated Boris Johnson and Corbyn
June 20th: Change UK democracy thief Anna Soubry: General abuse and libel
June 20th: Change UK democracy thief Chris Leslie: General abuse and libel
June 18th: Tory MP Michael Gove: Libel
June 18th: Political editor at ITV Robert Peston on ITV website: Pretended to not understand Labour policy
June 17th: Journalist Suzanne Moore in Guardian: Erasure of women in Labour shadow cabinet and NEC
June 15th: Journalist Michael White: Mendacious equivalence of Corbyn and Pompeo
June 15th: Journalist Nick Cohen in Guardian: Disaster socialists
June 15th: Tory MP James Cleverly: Libellous comment
June 15th: Progress MP John Mann: Random false accusation thrown into a different conversation
June 13th: Failed magazine editor Matthew D’Ancona: Equated Corbyn and Boris Johnson
June 13th: Democracy thief Chris Leslie: Blamed Corbyn for Tories voting with Tories
June 10th: Journalist Jessica Elgot: Claimed opponent of Corbyn had never spoken against him
June 10th: Journalist Kevin Schofield: Lie about Labour MP being big Corbyn supporter
June 10th: Broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg: Tories in disarray but look at Labour
June 7th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: Disappointed with Labour victory
June 5th: Broadcaster Beth Rigby: Desperation invention
June 4th: Journalist Kirsty Strickland: Abuse, fake observation and invented ambiguity
June 4th: Journalist Mark Duell in Mail: Baying mob of Corbyn supporters armed with milkshakes
June 3rd: Journalist Stig Abell: Objected to a politician being political
June 2nd: Journalists Brendan Carlin and Jonathan Bucks in Mail: Len McCluskey attended a football match
June 2nd: Journalist Carole Cadwalladr: Blamed Corbyn for Farage and no deal
May 30th: Run-of-the-melt comedian Chris Addison: Random insult
May 29th: Talking head Sonia Poulton: Accused Corbyn of enabling aggression toward women
May 28th: Editor of The Economist Anne McElvoy: Bizarre simile
May 28th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: Deliberate misunderstanding of rules and libel
May 27th: Author Sathnam Sanghera: Libel
May 27th: Unelected peer Andrew Adonis: Fabricated account of campaigning reaction
May 25th: BBC presenter Andrew Neil: Lazy daft mention of Corbyn and IRA
May 25th: Democracy thief Luciana Berger: Fear of Corbyn as Prime Minister
May 24th: Journalist Ian Dunt: Gross misrepresentation of reality
May 23rd: Character actor Eddie Marsan: Lied about Corbyn’s use of time
May 23rd: Unelected peer Alan Sugar: Called Corbyn communist
May 22nd: Tory MP Nadine Dorries on LBC: Called Labour party racist
May 22nd: Progress MP Wes Streeting: False account of Labour membership numbers
May 20th: Former (Blair government) Labour minister and current democracy thief Jane Kennedy: Pre EU election rehash of anti-Corbyn drivel
May 17th: Journalist Jonathan Freedland in Jewish Chronicle: Equated Corbyn with far-right antisemites
May 16th: Journalist Jake Wallis Simons in Mail: Blamed Corbyn for Hamas comment
May 16th: Journalist Will Hutton: Tired repetition of two-year-old debunked claim
May 14th: Political editor at ITV Robert Peston: Equated Corbyn and Farage
May 14th: Progress MP Wes Streeting: Reversal of Labour vote increase 2015-2017
May 13th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: Multiple falsehoods
May 12th: Former (Blair government) Labour minister Bridget Prentice: Carefully-timed attention-grabbing resignation from Labour
May 11th: Journalist Lee Harpin: Misrepresentation of Free Palestine march
May 11th: Tory MP Gavin Williamson in Mail: Labour would win a general election
May 5th: Journalist Nick Cohen in Guardian: Deluge of tripe
May 3rd: Political correspondent for Sky News Lewis Goodall: Eclectic juxtaposition of random statistics
May 3rd: Actor and presenter Tony Robinson: Dramatic announcement of resignation from Labour
May 1st: Journalist Lee Harpin in Jewish Chronicle: John Prescott stated facts
May 1st: Progress MP Wes Streeting: Corbyn wrote foreword for 100-year old book
May 1st: Radio presenter James O’Brien: General nonsense
April 30th: Journalist Daniel Finkelstein in Times: Corbyn wrote foreword for 100-year old book
April 30th: Journalist Henry Zeffman in Times: Corbyn wrote foreword for 100-year old book
April 27th: Radio presenter Andrew Castle on LBC: Corbyn and Trump state visit
April 26th: Former Labour MP Michael Dugher: Corbyn, Trump and Hamas
April 26th: Sky News reporter Beth Rigby: An election leaflet had be changed
April 25th: Journalist Kathryn Ingate in Express: Rachel Riley
April 25th: Journalist Jessica Elgot in Guardian: Laura Murray
April 25th: Uncredited “reporter” in Jewish Chronicle: Laura Murray
April 25th: Progress MP Jess Phillips on LBC: Corbyn and Russia
April 24th: Journalist Mathilde Frot in Jewish News: Seamus Milne and Shimon Peres
April 22nd: Journalist Daniel Sugarman in Jewish Chronicle: Bread and Passover
April 22nd: Democracy thief Ian Austin “MP”: Back in my day of Blairite utopia
April 21st: Journalists Glen Owen and Brendan Carlin in Mail: Allotment at 10 Downing Street
April 20th: Jo;urnalists David Willetts and David Wooding in The Sun: SAS and Iraq
April 19th: Journalist Harry Yorke in Telegraph: Labour candidate and Margaret Hodge
April 18th: Journalist Mathilde Frot in Jewish NewsChris Williamson liked a tweet
April 18th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: General nonsense
April 17th: Journalist Allister Heath in Telegraph: Fear of Corbyn becoming PM
April 17th: Progress MP Margaret Hodge: Corbyn and antisemitism
April 17th: Progress peer Andrew Adonis: The Brexit Party and dodgy Tory-owned election poll
April 14th: Journalist Tim Bouverie in Mail On Sunday: Corbyn and Hitler
April 12th: Editor of New Statesman Jason Cowley: Corbyn and Assange
April 12th: Journalist Alex Massie for right-wing think-tank CapX: Corbyn and Assange

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It’s getting closer

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