BBC bias on Venezuela plumbed a new depth

On a day when US-backed terrorist Juan Guaidó tried to start a coup against the Venezuelan people, BBC’s Newsnight programme gave a platform to self-appointed spokesperson for Guaidó, Vanessa Neumann. 

The so-called interview was conducted from the perspective of whether or not terrorist Guaidó‘s actions yesterday were well-timed or well-planned rather than commenting on the behaviour of a fully-paid (by US oil companies) mercenary terrorist seeking to overthrow a democratically elected government in a country with the largest oil reserves in the world.

Vanessa Neumann

What the BBC neglected to impart to the viewers was that Neumann is the founder and chief executive officer of Asymmetrica.

Asymmetrica’s mission statement described it as providing

Strategic analytical risk reporting for Fortune 500 clients across sectors, covering: consumer goods, oil & gas, manufacturing, finance. Specialists in Latin America, Middle East and Africa.”

Asymmetrica brings together cutting-edge experience from the defense, special operations and intelligence sectors. We are a member of the Global Counter Terrorism Research Network (GCTRN) for the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED).”

That is, Asymmetrica acts as consultants for corporate interests who are seeking to profit in countries where there may be conflict.  For example, it could offer advice to, say, a US oil company that might be trying to profit from the largest oil reserves in the world that are, currently, outside of US military control.

Neumann’s CV, featured on Asymmetrica people, claimed she

  • is an authority on Latin American politics and security and counter-insurgency strategy that supports businesses. 
  • edited and reviewed the teaching and reference text for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) on counterinsurgency in Colombia.
  • worked in corporate planning and corporate finance for a Latin American conglomerate.
  • has also spoken at many US military bases around the world.
  • is a regular guest on the Fox Business show.
  • is currently advising a Latin American political campaign.

In summary, Neumann is an employee of high-end corporate interests and acts as a conduit between such interests and the US military. 

Her appointment to “advise a Latin American political campaign” was merely further proof of the abject illegitimacy of Guaidó‘s false political campaign.  He is working for her and her employers.  

Newsnight’s decision to present Neumann as just a spokesperson for Guaidó was as fraudulent as Neumann’s description of her job that she added to her Wikipedia page: “On 19 March 2019, she was appointed Ambassador and Chief of Mission for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Court of St. James (the UK).

A “case study” of Asymmetrica’s activities – Expropriated Oil Fields in South America (update: page unavailable) – revealed how it acts for corporate interests against governments.

(Aside: Neumann’s connection to the Venezuelan people can be deduced from her comments on her engagement to Scottish “landowner” William Stirling – shooting weekend attire – and her marriage to tory MP Bill Cash – recuperation at her family home in Mustique.)

Newsnight is an embarassing farce.

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BBC bias on Venezuela plumbed a new depth

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