Blue Collar Conservatism (think-tank)

In expectation of a general election this year (2019) the Tories concocted another scheme to misrepresent themselves to voters: Blue Collar Conservatism (BCC).

Blue Collar Conservatism exists to champion working people and develop a conservative agenda to benefit the voters and communities most neglected by Labour. Working people stand to benefit most from Conservative policies designed to maximise opportunity and empower them in how they live their lives.”

The assertions above were backed by deliberate misrepresentation and lies.

Jobs are up, wages are starting to rise and those on the lowest income have benefited most from tax cuts.”

But, as millions of people know

  • A zero-hours “job” is not employment
  • Sanctioning people to starvation conveniently reduces “unemployment” figures
  • The percentage of working people on minimum (or sub-minimum) wage is increasing
  • Those on lowest income are suffering starvation, destitution, homelessness and death due to welfare cuts and Universal Credit.

BCC’s analysis of Labour was bizarre.

Under Jeremy Corbyn Labour has abandoned working people with his ideological commitment to failed socialist policies which would destroy jobs and leave everyone worse off.  Millions of traditional Labour voters have been let down and taken for granted by a party which does not understand their aspirations and ambitions for their families.”  (N.B. Labour hasn’t been in government since 2010.)  

The fraudulent analysis of Jeremy Corbyn’s intent was straight from the hard-right guidebook of drivel popular with employees of exploitation who fear the success of socialism.  It was typical of the tripe spouted by a variety of secretly funded right-wing think-tanks like Tax-Payers’ AllianceInstitute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and Centre for Policy Studies.

BCC recognised problems that concern voters,

The concerns of people about the number of police on their streets, the quality of their children’s schools and the difficulties in getting on the housing ladder are palpable and must be addressed if we are to genuinely create a country which works for everyone.”

but neglected to remember that

  • Tories made massive cuts to police numbers
  • Tories made massive cuts to education funding and channelled tax-payers’ money to academies where it was syphoned off by disreputable “owners” of the academies
  • Tory policy enabled developers to avoid building affordable homes and council house building has stopped

BCC people
Twelve Tory MPs were listed as members of the BCC team.  In their bios each tried to include a reference to working-classness.

Trudy Harrison: “Daughter of a miner.”
Johnny Mercer: “Raised with seven siblings by two working parents.”
Scott Mann: “Worked as a postman for nearly 20 years.”
Eddie Hughes: “Son of a bus driver.”
Lee Rowley: “Comes from a mining family.”
Maria Caulfield: “Born to Irish immigrant parents.
Gary Streeter: “Raised on a dairy farm.”

The remaining five were unable to find a suitable phrase.

Four of BCC’s MPs were listed as Parliamentary Supporters of think-tank FREER, a subsidiary of IEA.  IEA is dedicated to destroying all public services and using their remnants as conduits to transfer tax-payers’ money to grasping hands of fake “owners” of privatised services while the services deteriorate and their costs for users rise exponentially.  It also wants annihilation of workers’ rights, health and safety regulations and food standards regulations.

BCC’s Lee Rowley is co-chair of FREER for whom he wrote Next Generation Capitalism that pretended to “set forth a pragmatic and punchy approach for remaking the argument for an economic system that, while imperfect, still provides the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind.”  It was a guide for FREER disciples on how to con the public to trust extreme capitalism to solve problems and on how to deceive the public so they don’t see that extreme capitalism is the sole cause of such problems; it had a Bannonesque style of phraseology throughout and was brimful of lies and deception.

Esther McVey is the main face of BCC.  Via two stints at Department of Social Murder, a.k.a. Department of Work and Pensions, McVey oversaw gleefully thousands of deaths, thousands of evictions from homes and millions of descents into debt and destitution.  She has expressed frequently her contempt for victims of Social Murder. 

A fraudulent concept
Blue collar conservatism” is an invented phrase and concept that originated in propaganda of the Republican Party in USA. 

The concept is simple:

  • Depict the other main party (Democrats in USA, Labour in UK) as being opposed to people having aspirations
  • Claim that higher wages, better working conditions, better job security, workers’ rights, better healthcare and affordable housing will cause job losses
  • Claim that everyone who works hard will magically become wealthy
  • Appeal to selfishness
  • Then, after an election, forget all the promised gains for working people and just carry on feeding the wealthy minority

Tories’ intent to copy the Republican Party’s tactic is flawed because of the repeated key difference between Trump’s dishonest promises ahead of the 2016 USA presidential election and similar promises made now by the Tories in Britain:

  • Factories closed in USA (with huge job losses) after the presidential election but factories closed in Britain (with huge job losses) before the next general election
  • Trump gave the wealthiest Americans enormous tax cuts after the presidential election but tax avoidance in Britain is growing, enabled by the Tories, before the next general election
  • Trump took healthcare away from the poorest tens of millions of people after the presidential election but the NHS is being systematically destroyed by the Tories before the next general election

Tories are desperate.  They know a general election loss for them is almost inevitable and they know that the wealthiest corporate exponents of exploitation would not benefit from a leftward Labour government. 

One facet of their desperation are pathetic schemes to try to fool the voters.  Each scheme is worthless, empty and dishonest.  Last year Onward, based on Macron’s En Marche, died the day it was launched; Blue Collar Conservatism has the same fate.


Update: Launch on 20th May
At the launch of Blue Collar Conservatism, attended by lots of men in blue suits and white shirts, McVey said foreign aid should be cut to pay for schools and police.  That proposal was straight from the hard-right playbook.  It is infested with several popular contricks of extreme conservatism.

  1. Absolve Tories of blame for the effects of their huge cuts to schools and to police
  2. Blame foreigners and try to develop xenophobic attitudes among victims of Tory cuts
  3. Blatant lies about extra funding for vital public services.

The technique described above is an old scam of conservative governments and has been used often by Trump.  There is no surprise that McVey would stoop to using it.

Blue Collar Conservatism (think-tank)

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